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I really like this game! It was very cute, and had an engaging story, although the excessive exposition was rather distracting at times. The art was good, albeit limited, and the soundtrack was absolutely perfect. I typically don't leave the music on in games (I find it distracting), but the music in Second Chance was so good and soothing that I had to leave it on.
The overall game (but mostly the art style and the ending scenes) reminded me a bit of Serafina's Saga, which is one of my favourite visual novels.

My favourite guy for my first playthrough was Casimir, but upon meeting Xander I instantly switched to romancing him instead (but I got Casimir's ending on my next playthrough, even though it felt like i was cheating on Xander >.<)

I will most definitely be playing this again and again until I get every ending! Thank you for making this~~ It was so enjoyable ^_^