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words genuinely cannot describe the type of experience this game is. from the moment i pressed "new game" to the end credits, i was immediately enthralled. this game truly is a masterpiece. i don't know where to begin, so i'll just write until i can't anymore lol. firstly, i think i should discuss the heavier topics first and this game does an amazing job at portraying mental illness, and not only that, but accurately. truly, the level of precision as to which one who has experienced such a thing is spot-on. the characters are relatable and niche, but don't try to shove a message down your throat (if that makes sense??). this is one of the few games which i wish i could forget, just to experience blind again. this game was such a treat, coming from the tired perspective of "horror games" that abuse jumpscares. this game provides the genuine fear that seems to be so absent in today's games. it flows smoothly and effectively. the game build characters through dialogue and actions in such an unprecendented way, i genuinely feel emotionally attached to these guys and gals in a way i've never felt before.  this is truly the only game i would shed genuine tears over, if i still could.

okay, so i think that's pretty much the meat of my review, i'll get to the spoilerish part next so fair warning i guess

so apparently i managed to get the true ending on my first playthrough, which was interesting. anyways, i'm glad i did, because it really added to the experience of the game. seriously, these characters, despite only having known them for four hours, i grew to be so emotionally attached to them. every struggle, every experience they went through, was so real and relatable, it really hurt lmao. in the ending sequence, i remember knocking on the bathroom door 50 times, just to try to have a chance at getting randall back. the credits, the vocals.. they cut deep. i genuinely wish i could just jump into the screen and give randall (and fox) a hug and try to comfort them. truly, this game does everything right and i'm ecstatic for the sequel!

so, that's about all i've got to say. one last time, just, if you perhaps read this, fox, thank you.