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Sure, it's my favorite creature! So yeah, definitely :) And thank you!

Thanks! Yeah the next one might be ocean-based :)

Hey everyone!
I just published this asset pack, containing desert monster, for 2d RPGs:

I'm trying to create a whole ecosystem, the next one probably be ocean/sea based. Hope you like it!

Hey, thank you! Yeah sorry it took so long, had lots of personal issues :)

Hey, unfortunately I am not doing commissions at the moment

Thank you so much!  I really appreciate your support! :)

Hey, no worries! For the refund I think you need to write the support, I am not seeing a refund button here in the dashboard.
Yup, just searched, it says:  e-mail for refunds

Thanks! This reminds me it's been a while since I went to the forums! I am not sure about the next release, but it will probably be a desert or ice pack. As for Gaja, yes, I thought it was kinda miserable to put only one medium monster in :)

Hey, no worries! Sure thing, here is an excerpt from the main page :)

You need to credit this website ( and/or @theartofnemo (instagram/twitter) if you use them in your project.

It would be nice (though not required) if you could email me once your game releases, I always love to see how my assets are implemented 

Hey, thank you! I'll do my best!

I am taking a break from commissions right now, but if you want to stay in touch you can find me on both artstation and instagram @theartofnemo :)

Thank you so much! Hope to see the game published soon :)


Thank you!

I was  thinking of doing theme based packs (like I did for the forest, there would be desert, sea, etc). It might take a bit since I do it on the side (for budget reasons right now).

Thanks, glad you like them!

Hey, thanks! Yeah I was thinking about it, it's just that I only have two paid ones right now so it would be a rather meagre bundle :D My initial idea was to make enough monsters to have a full game basically (or more, over time). 

Oh, thank you! Glad you like them!