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Felix receives a call from his uncle Diego telling him that the young man must leave hurricane because an individual wants to kill him. He asks the boy to go to his cottage until the danger is over. But in the middle of the road, a tree falls on his car, forcing him to keep walking. That's when things get weird. 

Game page (Read the description.):

I'm working on joining all SOAKED DLCS in a single game, since they are short, but with another name, because it is part of the same story. In the future I will work on a continuation with new maps and this time with enemies, a stealth, and with that reveal some more details about the story. The story of the game SOAKED is part of the story of the game Labyrinth.  I must remember that the game is a compilation of mazes. (Great for those who enjoy mazes and psychological terror.) I do not want to make jumpscares games anymore.

SOAKED now has a story that promotes a future game (OUTSIDER). bigger and with more history. It will still be developed (In another engine, in the case in Unreal Engine 4) and most probably will not leave this year. But we already have a preview of this story. There is still much to come.

You can play SOAKED and your DLCs here:

SOAKED Gameplay Trailer

You can play SOAKED here:


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Message In a Bottle

You can play SOAKED here:

I already left my like.

I am enigmatic. I give you the information for you to find out.

Ok, friend.

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Horror game in a haunted sewer. Drain the water out of the sewer, but do not bump into the ghosts, or they will kill you.

New and estable release of the game LABYRINTH. Made in BGE. With night time and day time mode. This game mixes puzzle with atmospheric horror, as it puts you inside a maze whose aim is to find a sword. A simple game made by a brazilian. Game Page.