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Genial! Gracias por tu respuesta :D

Hola! Me gustó el juego. Vi a Neco the Sergal jugarlo y me gustaría ayudarte con la traducción español->inglés así más personas pueden disfrutar de este juego. Por supuesto, no quiero dinero a cambio ni ningun tipo de compensación, sólo ayudar para que los fans angloparlantes también puedan disfrutar de la experiencia de jugar un juego en su idioma. Contáctame si estas interesado :3 Saludos!

Very addictive! The rat is adorable :3

Thank you very much for playing! And yeah, the cube rotation was my problem since the beginning. I'll eventually come up with a better script for it. Hope you had fun :D

Really enjoyed this demo, made me revive my childhood Doom times but with sparky colors :D
I'm not sure if I picked up an item or if it's a bug but right before going to the final room I loaded an autosave and I became invincible so I had to restart the game since it's not fun playing in god mode.I'm excited to play the full version. Great job so far!

What about if I didn't receive the link through Discord, like this HelperCat game that some people are reporting appeared in my feed as any other. So how can we check this? Running an antivirus doesn't help in all cases

I enjoyed this demo so much. Game design is adorable, the ghost dog is the best and the funny jokes are great. Cannot wait for the full game :D

Would be nice if it has a download version. Very cute game

Hi! The game is beautiful and loved to play it. There is a lil [bug?] I found by accident when I got lost in the woods since there's no map in-game. After the heroes finish the dungeons and get at the Castle's Inn, if you go back again to the place where they were fighting, the game freezes [the music continues playing however] but you have to manually reset the game, which is a bit inconvenient if you didn't save before.

Love this game! It's so unpredictable and addictive!
Unlocked one ending but I need to keep playing!
Keep up the good work!