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Anton Meineche Falk

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Thanks Danik!

Glad you like it! Yeah I'd be honored if he did :P

Thanks a lot man!!

really happy you like it man! i didnt implement the music, i just composed and played it, but i dont think we used any middleware :D

thanks dude! if you are running away from a swarm of enemies you can unload all your shurikens on them, jump in the air and rewind before the shurikens come back- that way each shuriken passes through the the enemies 3 times- once when you throw it, once when they retract to your position, and one last time when you fly back through the enemies with the shurikens still following you!

good shit man!

happy you dig it! thanks for playing dude

glad you enjoyed it, thanks man! had a blast designing the enemies haha

Awesome! thanks for playing! was fun to watch you discover the shurikens out- rewind combo :D

For sure dude, im super down! Glad you enjoyed our entry :D love the sound in yours too! the theremin sound is awesome for a spooky feel in the soundtrack ;) and its a cool detail how the footstep sounds change based on what material the character is walking on

Thanks dude!

Happy to hear it Riko! Thanks for playing :D

Super happy you dig it! 

Thanks a bunch man, i had a lot of fun designing those little fellas, glad you enjoy them as well ^^

Glad you liked it man! haha yeah its a bit of a challenge, since their projectile speed and level of following increases over time ;) its all about practice!

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My older brother got 100k on the first try ;) git gud haha- nah just messing around, i think youre right, we should definitely play around with it a bit more

Thanks so much dude, means a bunch!! Thanks for playing

Good idea with allowing smaller jumps! we will patch this after voting is over. Can you elaborate on your second point? Were there too few or too many? Thanks for the feedback :D

Thanks a lot man! really glad you dig it :DD

Hey man, glad you liked it :D I tried to go for an 80's synthwave arcade vibe with the sound design- its meant to be kind of a throwback to the sega genesis era and arcade machines, not a fully immersive experience in a modern cyberpunk/industrial genre. Im sorry to hear it doesnt quite read, ill try harder next time!

Thanks man! im really glad you dig it! its designed around dodging a lot, so if you keep moving you should be able to survive :D that way you should also be able to get a lot of kills because you extend your rewind path, where the shurikens will follow you!!

Thank you!! glad you liked it!

Really appreciate it dude, super glad you liked it! Yeah we planned on adding a tutourial level to properly explain it all, but we ran out of time haha :P Good idea to have the character flip to face the cursor!

Thanks a lot dude!

Thanks man! Glad you liked it. Also your name sounds a bit like attempting to say "john snow" with a speech impediment, and that was pretty funny, thanks for a good laugh! :D

Awesome concept, brilliant execution. Well done man! I kept getting pushed off screen by rainbow dash though, so i found a technique where i can just not eat anything unless when its super nessecary to stay short

Super fun game, and really addicting!

Thanks for playing, Riley! And that's some very good feedback, so thanks for that too :D

Thanks a lot and thanks for playing! That's my favorite part too ;P

Best game ive played so far, wonderful work, and great difficulty curve

Its pretty hard to understand what im supposed to do, but soundtrack is a banger and graphics are cool

You only included the Exe file, and now i am sad

I cant interract with the game

Gnarly stuff dude, i feel like a real surfer.. with a jetboard.. and a shotgun.. Being chased by police

Fucking great, i love destruction and death, awesome work man

Fantastic game, Very liberating. I was never able to get my words per minute above 80 on school essays, but this game does the trick! Brilliant!

Thanks a lot Hannibal! We Appreciate it, thanks for taking the time to play :D

Thank you Apollo, we really appreciate that, super glad you enjoyed it!

Oh sick, thanks man, im adding it right away!

Really glad you like it dude!