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this was my first idea so makes sence we had the same idea

cant wait to try ur game

um no i dont think but if you hold space it jumps higher

nice game did you use scratch


off the shelf can be inturpitid any way 

so yes it CAN be on a shelf :) good luck

nice and fun game for 3 hours 

20,160 is my high score.

really nice and relaxing 9.9/10

nice game for 3 hours good job

fun game for 3 hour

nice game and really fun for 3 hours

nice game for 3 hours

nice game

i already did it after much expirimenting but thanks

nice game 9/10 good luck in the jam

Thanks im bad with controls so sorry i cant fix that but that feedback really helps. Have a nice day :)  .

ty this is my first jam and 3rd game have a nice day

ty hope you have a good day 

Ty hope you have a nice day

good luck and i forgot to say that it has nice graphics

nice game lvl 1 is the hardest tho so its really hard to play more than one level so id make iit a bit easie

Epic game nice and relaxing

i can win against 3 637 times in a row lmao

(1 edit)

1 is impossable  edit:i lied