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Anthony Law

A member registered Jun 11, 2018

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Do you expect that there will be performance gain if I use STM instead of UGUI's text? I don't have a good setup to test that at the moment. 

Thanks very much for your quick reply. I also noticed that an  STM object takes 1 drawcall batch, whereas an STM UI object takes 3 drawcall batches. Does that matter?

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Hi KaiClavier, 

I am new to Super Text Mesh and is trying to see if it is suitable to replace the text component of UGUI.  I noticed that each Super Text Mesh object with default shader takes 3 drawcall batches, whereas the one with drop shadow shader takes 5 drawcall batches. If I have multiple Super Text Mesh objects of the same font and shader, the total batches will be number of Super Text Mesh x 3 and they cannot be batched!  

1. Will performance be affected if drawcall batches cannot be saved?

2. Is there any way to save the batches?