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That's a very satisfying game.

Hi all! I'm anstia, I'm planning to make a VN called "The Desert of Old Kesh". Set in the world created by Dancer (, my partner, the game is intertwines a story about a couple of the gods of Ancient Egypt, and a couple of kami of Shinto background. Which story, gods, and kami? ~ More research required!

Days 1 and 2 of 14

So, I'm up at 3:45am, working on this log for the game. Getting up early, not staying up late, for a change. :)

Game Engine

The "Argus Storytelling Engine" is the one I'll be using - an as-yet unreleased engine, also created by Dancer, and used with permission. He's currently writing up docs for me, so that I can use the engine.

The Plan

Write some backstory for a simple, single-perspective, choice-based game. (The Argus engine allows for multiple perspectives, but as this is my first game, I'm trying to simplify things a bit). My current idea is to write a story that has a modern-day expected ending, an ancient expected ending, and my own, hopefully less-expected, ending.

I'll more than likely rely on creative-commons-licensed material for my backgrounds, portraits, music, and sounds.