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Check out the real-time dev log at here!

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Hi! In order to play, you'll need to download a MUD client such as Mudlet, and connect to the website via port 4000. Mudlet and other clients will have directions on how to connect using the client-specific settings.

Hi, it looks like the sparewizard server is down and I have not had success in building & playing the game locally.

This came up with the name Kindreath for my elf character, which is a solid fantasy name. Does what it says on the box!

I really like the concept but when I try to use the `build` command or `help build`, it takes me back to the login screen.

Heads up y'all!
I have been pushing bugfixes to the server for a while now. Tonight will be a patch update to fix the portal to the 3rd area which has some higher-level content that went missing due to a bug.
I hope to be on tonight to play with you all as well.
Thanks for playing!

Hi! The server went down overnight and I was able to fix it this morning.