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I played the first chapter last year and found it really interesting so was out of the loop about events. What a shame to see Cassian removed as it's always great to play a game with multiple protagonists especially since both Penny and Cassian complemented each other very well. In the future would you be considering a multiple protagonist game?

This was very interesting. Can you explain what exactly happened?

Hi, I know you said the order of play doesn't matter but is the chronological order of the 3 games the same as how they were released? Great job, keep it up!

I love how you keep increasing the graphic fidelity with each release as if each game came out during a different console generation! Great job!

Really enjoyed it, was wondering if you would make a larger game in this style?

I'd love to see another game or two set in the Affection universe (Affectionverse?). Am I right to assume this is the chronology of the three games: Obsession -> Virmachina -> Affection ?