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No... Just refresh it again...  or re add... if it still didn't work let me know..

I am leaving it here...some may find it useful 


TextureWorks: Artificial Intelligence Based texture Synthesizer, image high resolution convertor & texture Map generator with over 1600 free textures. 

Wishlist it on Steam:

TextureWorks: Artificial Intelligence Based texture Synthesizer, image high resolution converter & texture Map generator with over 1600 free textures. t has everything you need to build a complete texture from small patches or samples of images of your desired size. In addition with the capability of generating all sorts of texture maps, it has also the tool for increasing the resolution of the images with advance artificial intelligence based algorithms to scale images to HD or 4K scale. From the task of texture generation to texture completion, texture re-scaling and texture map generation; this software is a one stop shop to get all these solution in one package. Not only that you will also have a plethora of sample texture libraries (of over 1,600 textures of various types) for ready to be used in your 3D/2D Games at no additional cost. Texture Library Includes: Bark, Brickwalls,Concrete, Eatables, Extras, Fabric, Floor, Grassland, Ground, Hedge, Marble, Metal, Rusted Metal, Moss, Organic, Paintchips, ROad, Roof, Rust, Skin, Stones, Stonewalls, Walls2, Weathered Walls & Wood.

Wishlist it on Steam:

Just wanna check if people are interested to have it on itch. Checkout other tools:

Other Game Engines are in testing stages and are available to select few. Thankyou for your interest. I am nearing towards the release of final build ... Soon it will be accessible to the general public... 

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After going through comment section...I had to try...

Amazing game, very cool and original idea behind the game..

Thank you for your feedback... will tune things out...

this is a curious case of fellow devs giving bad ratting so that you can't excel past them and in the comments section add nice..gibberish ..repetitive words to make you feel good and oblige to rate there game graciously. 

This cut-throat mechanism in game rating by game devs has its own problem and is excepted to go this way ...don't feel bad.. 

I've  given your game good ratings.. and didn't expected it  go down this far...Anyway, Nobody can tell you whether your game suck or not..  game devs have to make sure players have good experience with there game ... its you who have to put your game among gamers  (not game dev..especially in jam where they are the ones going to rate..)... am sure it will find its own niche.. 

After reading the first para...i think you might have misunderstood me... i am not blaming you for using assets from x,y,z sources but i meant to praise you the way you have used them to cut short time and used all in integration to build a good game in 2 days of exceptional... 


played rated and loved your game.. all the best for the rest of the jam...

kindly try mine, rate and leave your feedback...

had fun but challenging for me...amazing game...

neat game... 

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Nope... its simple give and take over here... keep in mind here we are dealing with fellow game developers not gamers...both of them values different things, there mind works differently and have different set of objectives. 

A  gamer might be fascinated with cool icons, screenshots, images, trailers but a game developers is more into learning game mechanics, inspirational art style, takeaways from bad and good games. 

Especially here,  if you want your game to be rated... you need to play that of others, rate, leave feedback and politely ask them if they can try do the same... As simple as that.... 

I've played yours and rated... all the best... post more of your game link in the community....

rated yours.... nice artstyle.. kindly, try and rate mine..

loved it... amazing the dev is expert enough to make this level of game in 2 days... applause...

kindly, try and rate mine..

seriously i applaud your effort and thought process invested in making this game.. All stars.. 

kindly, try and rate mine..

loved and rated yours.... flawless game..

kindly, try and rate mine..

rated and liked yours... kindly, try and rate mine..

with few more variation of enemy type and tun based system.. this could be a new take on my friend Pedro...  15/15 ... great work .. share it more among community to get more ratting it deserved

kindly, try and rate mine.. 

One word.... Spectacular!! for this game... 

kindly, try and rate mine..

this one is interesting and deserves more eyes from the community... i did my part to help you succed in game... keep up the good work...

kindly, try and rate mine..

clever use of assets...  ingenious thought behind game play!!

you deserve more... hope it gets under top 14 games in jam..

try and rate mine... 

loved it... !!! this is a work of art...try release it commercially keen to play full version

try and rate mine if you can ..

I have tried yours .... however i didn't find anything needed to change anything in it..awesome concept!!...its is flawless in its own right...Hope it gets among top wishes

Try mine , rate and leave your feedback No Exit:

Engrossing...!! Great minimalistic game 

cool... ;)   you should make an anthology of all your work...

Already rated yours .. try mine

I have done my part... cool game ... cheers

Super Awesome game... not sure why do less people have rated it...

you should share it more in the community.... loved this... game

kindly try mine and rate it..

This game is so fun...  best game i played today...

Kindly, try mine and rate it

Kindly, try mine and rate it

interesting concept... this first prototype in 2 days deserves respect ..

Kindly, try mine and rate it 

rated yours and Kindly, try mine and rate it

I had fun time playing this... hard game.. ;) I think pixel art would suit best for this game...but anyway props to the developer... neat juicy game...

Kindly, try mine and rate it