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Nope, I haven't seen a response on that.

I'm not seeing the Scientist or Army Ranger survivor decks in the 9grid PNP or the MA Final Production Files zips. Are they in there somewhere (if so, what is the filepath inside the zip), or are they missing (if so, is it possible to get them somewhere else)? Thanks!

It looks like the 9 grid files only includes the poker-sized cards, not the map tiles or the tokens. I'm trying to do a PnP version of this to demo it to my game group, but there seems to be some parts missing from this file.

I can find most of the images in other PDFs here, but it is hard to know if I've got *everything* I need to play the game until I've gone through the files and itemized every card / component. It would be nice to have just 1 set of files (or better yet 1 file) that I send to the printer. Not a huge problem, but it slows down the PnP and feedback process.