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this is very clean, just dont get hit lol

final score 89


thought this was a funny little game, once I starting getting the different guns and started blowing enemies up I was like... LEESSS GOOOO


this was very different from the entries I got play today, I loved the "walker" attack when they landed and exploded I just ready


I was very surprised when I didn't die after getting hit a lot and then... I got the final screen (got hit 64 times) 


the only thing I didn't like was that there was no sounds, so I never felt like I was hitting anything 


I like how the story is weaved into the gameplay with being able to switch places with your brother. honestly the story bits were my favorite parts


I like how you set the scene with the opening story (you feel like you can take 2 BULLETS, maybe live one more after that) the explanation for the police looking like blocks was also funny



I couldn't get the game to full screen but I really enjoyed it, that wave 3 man *phew*


I did it, I shot the things. menu-ing was great, I REALLY liked that I could use controller and that the controls were very straight forward (move, shoot)


when the music dropped I was like.... BRUH! how am I supposed to be dodging when I just wanna dance! 


super fun to play, all the plant had different patterns, the art style was super cute 5/5 

also going to be checking out CHESSU sometime 

this was a good, I would've liked if used "R" to reload, the reload would be faster than just letting the clip run out and the game doing it for you 

5/5 though

I couldn't get out of the jail cell because the arrows keys were moving the webpage as while, I couldn't get the game to fullscreen which I think was causing this issue. 1/5 for me 

I like that there was an intense difficulty curve after the first few levels. I would like to see more bombs because the levels with multiple large waves comes at you were hard but once I got through them it felt REALLY good to se that victory screen 5/5

BRUH! this man made this in 10 MINUTES! 100/5 VERY ENTERTAINING 

only survived 58secs... beat my score

everything was pretty bright! lol 

it was hard to focus on my cursor and my character, but I like the simple concept 3/5

I do like this super simple concept, I would rate but can't because I didn't submit a game (content creator, can't make games) 

my overall though 3/5

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dodging and reading is an INSANE combo! I really liked this (can't rate, just a content creator, that can't make games) 100/5

I like that it was a super simple shooter unable to tare because... I am just a content creator

definitely creepy and was fun trying to get all the gifts. I wanna see the teddy bears all colored in. it'd probably be scarier

Lots of fun, the story is the best part. When I got to use the angel for the first time, it was A-mazing

when platformers make YOU wanna finish them all the way through 

I thought this was fun to play, the only thing I had trouble with was the camera's angle I feel like it should have been pointed down more

I wasn't able to get very far because the game is basically locked behind having a PSX mouse (not sure why) but I did like the concept of the game 

this was REALLY good. It's something I could see myself playing with friends just to see who can get the highest score

I never thought I would give a dog a chocolate chip cookie 

didn't know where to comment but I loved this! the levels weren't brutal and just all around fun 

devil may cry? more like devil may AWESOME!!! 

loved this, I think I was able to cheese this by dying though. the keys seemed to carry over after death 


I love the NES nostalgia I get from this game 


i couldn't seem to get it to work D:

i skipped this one because my computer thought the file was too scary 

this one was interesting

wanna see the game post jam 

i do like this game, excited for post jam stuiff

same for me, sorry bud 

put it on steam, 20$! NOW