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AniStal Bastion

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I didnt ahve the emulator to play this D:

I think would be a little more fun if the the tank would shot where the mouse cursor was 

gave me the chills. my fear is that the photo is all that the player has to remember their family by 

Im in the same boat, the concept looks AMAZING and would love to see this after the jam is over with a post jam update

please give more sensitive you mouse.

W and A keys don't seem to work

beautifully chaotic, for sure

plz give more 

Loved this, duck mechanic is GREAT, Run mechanic is GREAT, loving the new ghost AI

I liked this, it had a little challenge in the platforming, the auto scroll rom was my favorite by far

this reminds of the super old SNES Dennis the Menace but with Santa, although maybe add milk and cookies as a bonus collectable 

thought this was some super chill christmas music

I can see this being really fun with more time, I loved the gummi ship games in Kingdom Hearts and I get those vibes from this game 

I also think was very cute, short and sweet

I cant wait to try this again with someone on the other team 

YES PLEASE more game 

this feel like a magical experience

-69 for the Dreiblades games

AGAIN, with the jumps scare!? YOU GOT ME AGAIN

ACES! had a joy playing this, if you ever need a voice acter let me know ;D

Love the mechanics, thank you for continuing this great title 

The of the controls great, and I end got me good 

my only regret is not doing more voices for the other flowers

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I really had a lot of fun exploring and trying different saying with all the friendly plants around the island. what are some of the things you folks found?

Let's Check it Out:

TRUE, and I am a patient gamer so take you time guys 

I want more

I think even stream didn't quite get what I was asking either

I saw the health bar BUT I was trying to figure out if hitting the middle part was doing more damage that hitting the rotating eyes

let me know once you do, I wanna play more

i truly did not think to try, I had been using the "Y" button on the Xbox controller and just thought that was the only button. 

a timer?!?! O.O let me know when I can do the offical speedrun

i hope to come back to this :D

I did feel really accomplished when I figured it out though.

there was a floor? i don't think it needs it, on floor made it super trippy. I truly thought that was how it was supposed to be

You got me! 

I wanna see this game after some more playtesting and fire management changes, I have hopes for the post jam update


i liked it, I beat it and the story made me cry

I liked it, I just think it would've been cooler if the manta ray could pick things up and put them into the various cups and maybe light some torches for more story

I had fun, thank you for giving out the controls! if you can or plan to update after the jams are over, even if the game is endless I would say you should still throw some mid-bosses in there just to mix shit up

i liked it, it really brought me back to highschool playing those flash games 

I like the idea but it needs some fine tuning 

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I wanna see the World Record Speedrun on this is in the future and maybe put the run buttton on the "X" on the Xbox controller or "RB"

I don't think that this one quite hit the mark for me 

liked this one, it has that turok + doom + duke nUkem

good game, wish the ghost would chase more :D but loved it and it really took me back