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So, After having beaten the game ~ I'm ready to leave a review!

First and foremost. The feel of this game is a lot like Alice in Wonderland... Things happen, and you have to let them happen otherwise you'll simply go insane overthinking everything! It's a good thing though, accompanied by the home-made musical score, it gives the game a very retro Alice feel! It's a unique story with awesome visuals in a fantastic world. The way every area is designed gives you a wonderfully distinct magical ambiance.

So... Want to play a unique and well thought out game with the same magical feeling of Alice? With darker, edgy tones? Look no further than this one right here!

There are two endings, and I won't spoil anything... I will say this though~ I got the Good Ending and it was amazing. I played the game from start to end, paying attention to all that I could to get the whole story.

LunaRolexLer made the game all by herself - The visuals, the musical score, everything. It was free when I got the game, but I refused to take it for free ~ So much work deserves something. A commenter earlier said that the game was too short, but I personally think it lasted a decent stretch of time... Maybe it was because I was taking my time.

The puzzles are interesting. Make sure you make good friends with your amazing floating-hat savepoint.

The characters are all interesting as well! It's a wonderful mix of serious story with comedy, that I think everyone should experience at least once. As someone who is currently in the process of writing a novel, I appreciate the development of the characters as well as their unique individuality. You judge Nawara for how she looks? You're in for a surprise, buddy! Come up with 

TL;DR - Unique 'Alice in Wonderland' style game with beautiful visuals and well developed characters.

Personal Rating! (Out of 5)

Characters & Development: **** (4)

Nobody is exactly how they seem, just like the game itself. People you peg as a 'Bad guy' may not exactly be who you expect them to be, even if they have some pretty compelling arguments for that particular assumption.  Nawara herself goes through a fairly traumatic adventure, meeting people and things and shows some good development from the beginning to the end as well. Even characters you don't see throughout the game develop well, and that's saying something.

Story: **** (4)

The story will always leave you wondering 'What's next' for the main character, as well as 'What are we going to meet next'. Magic, Lost and alone, with everything seemingly working against you. Nawara is flawed, but that makes her human. She may not always make the right choices, but if she did there would be no room for improvement! It's not a story where the main character is a saint of light and infallible. What matters is that she gets up and pushes on, even when things are going horribly wrong.

Visuals: ***** (5)

From the first time you step out of Monder's house looking for a magical flower, to the very last scene of the game. The visuals are what one might consider 'Magical'. The color schemes are well put together, each new area you travel to seems genuinely new and interesting to explore. True to the game's nature, not everything is what it seems!

Music: **** (4)

The music was all created by LunaRolexLer, and what she created actually adds to the atmosphere extremely well. It gives a perfect vibe for the areas you come across as you explore the world she created.

Overall: ***** (5)

This game's overall rating of five stars is definitely well earned. While it does have some pitfalls, it wasn't made by a group of people - it wasn't made by an Indie company doing Indie things, and it wasn't made by someone commissioning art and music from others. It was made over a long period of time with care and patience, the type that only someone who truly loves their Original Characters could have given it. And for that, it gets a great rating.