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Thank that was half the solution, in addition I lowered the frame rate down to 30 and that allowed me to get to episode 8. The same thing happened with Alex's scene in EP.8 but same solution applied.

Thanks for the help and keep up the great work. 

I want to continue experiencing this so can you help me with my problem: In episode 7 when Nali vs Ulda I eventually get the error-

Exception: Could not set video mode.

Any suggestions? I already tried resizing the screen. 

Thank you! It's even on my B-Day, I'll be sure to enjoy it.

No problem,  Looking forward to it.

Please for the love of god, tell me that there is a sequel.

This is without a doubt one of my favorite VNs. This needs more love and so do the creators.

I'll send you the Info regrading the team members so you can contact them, but I need your email.

We prefer you get Google Hangout since we use it the most. I'll try to make it easier to mange communications later. I take it that you agree to be apart of the team.

Cool. Just need to give you an update since 93 days pasted. First off I want you to know my team is in extended Pre-Production which entails making/imporving stories, learning skills, raising money and team building. Before I tell you anything else, can I get more info on you like your skill set, wither or not you have google hangouts, any experince with Game maker and anything else you think I need to know.

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Thanks Sprigs for replying

At first I what to start out with simple games just to get noticed but after that (which is where you come in) I need art for visual novels and RPGs but right now we are in a prolonged preproduction so to tell the truth I need you full-time but you can still work on other projects, but when the preproduction is over I would like you to help in any way possible.

Age: 17 or up

I am the team leader and what drives me is the many stories I've written and which am burning to tell through VNs or RPGs. As a leader I am pretty laid back and nice(or so I am told) and love to make games(when I finally get my equipment and when the preproduction phase is over).

So are you in?

Depends on the members, we are going to take a vote on what everyone prefers and the majority wins, so if Skype wins everyone must get it. I will vote for Hangouts because I have it too but it is up in the air for atleast two weeks because of exams.

Thank you. I only have two questions: do you have Skype or ovoo and if so can you appear at team meetings so you can meet most of us. One more thing, most of us are Juniors and seniors in high school with 2 teachers, if you're not okay with that, I'll understand.

Well at the time where we need music I am pretty sure the budget should be at least $30 if my members buckle down and work, but right now I am focusing on pre-production and improving teamwork and relations. That's why I asked for full time worker because it will take us about a half a year (hopefully) to get set to start the many projects I set up.

I am 17 and I am new too but would you still like a full time position in my team, we can learn and have fun together. Sorry, money comes slow.

I need a Full time Music producer, is that O.K. Also my team is young and inexperincedd so money comes slow.

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To Sprigs

My god I have been looking for someone like you, please tell me you're free to work. I would love for you to be in my game developing team called Nebula Heroes if that is okay for you. My only concern is if you can make anime(Japanese animation) character sprites for visual novels or JRPGs.

Info about my team is, now please don't get discouraged, but we are a team of 12 most of which are in high school, Junior and Seniors plus 2 teachers and we are new to the industry of Indie development but I have a dream(and a plan), with your skills I know we can succeed to bring great games.

Also is Full time an option?