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Truly amazing! I used this to test out my new GPU but ended up messing around with this for an hour or so, this made me want to explore every bit of this small location! Love it!

Oh, didn't know you had to zip the file before you uploaded it,  thanks!

Hi, how do you export HTML5 games to

This is actually really fun! And Brackeys is the reason I started making games too!

How do you do text effects in Bitsy? And add music?

Aagh! I'm so dumb! I didn't notice the png file!

Dotgrid community · Created a new topic Export to .PNG?

I would love to use this to make logos and such but i'm not sure what code it exports to and it would be great to have it export to png, if you make this a feature please add a transparent background option!

Ooh! Thanks for the storytelling idea!

Amazing game! Please let me know if you plan to make this a full game!

I couldn't download my game at all, is there a fix?

How do I upgrade?

I love Assetforge but I think you should add lights, Like, place-able lights to point to an object or to use as showcase lighting.

Hey! How do I install these?

I love Asset Forge and cant wait till these improvements and blocks!

PS, Can I get a refund because I didn't know Asset Forge Deluxe was on sale and i cried because i wasted my money on a standard version that cost the same as a deluxe version!

PS, I didn't actually cry but can i still have a refund, or a trade in for deluxe?

Looks Nice.