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yay for character lineups!

temporary names, from left to right: hina, anouke, happyaku, mandrake, ?, the witch, tamefu (any feedback on names is appreciated)

im also thinking of altering the designs of happyaku and unnamed character as i feel happyaku being the only character with so much of their body the animal they are is unfitting, and on top of the zombie theme too much, while unnamed character doesn't stand out the same way the others do.

character from image one on left and second image created by @tanboryouko


so far there's only 1k of possible script, but the  focus of the game is on that of the mc (tamefu) going to a village where a series of disappearances have been plaguing the villagers. i also want to make routes for each major character that wind into the plot and affect the outcome. overall, i want it to be somewhat expansive, but engaging all the way through. 


as a visual novel, most of the gameplay will be made up of choices, but i also want to incorporate mystery and puzzle solving. dialogue will have important text displayed in a different color, this text is information that will become relevant later, and possibly need to be known to win over characters/solve problems. i'm aiming to have almost every scene to have a point and click aspect, so that the player can decide how much they want to learn about the environment, depending on whether they are more involved for the romance aspect, world building aspect, mystery aspect etc.


these are short and simple but give a basic idea of the characters personalities

THANK YOU FOR READING THUS FAR! I'll try to keep this frequently updated with character design alterations, gameplay progress, backgrounds, ui, sprites, etc.

please give me your honest feedback as to where characters could be improved or replaced, and anything you think would improve the story, art or gameplay. thank you so much!

i finally played this after wanting to for ages and its so cute <3 the art, colors, gui, music and backgrounds all come together to give a really relaxing feeling that makes the game seem really professional! you did such a good job of making a sweet story with little conflict stay engaging for the player...also trans wlw. bye. wig.

thank for you the comment! the aesthetic was pretty experimental, and meant to be odd. i hope it didn't make it too hard to read! as for the art quality changing throughout the game and being sloppy at parts, since it was a 3 day jam i wanted to take the opportunity to fight against my perfectionism and just draw and try and be happy with whatever came from it. thank you for giving it a chance despite not usually playing games focused on story!

work on the game is long and pretty arduous! im having fun though. its my first time coding/creating ui in ren'py and my first time making a game that doesn't take 5 minutes to complete. i've never had so much fun writing dialogue, i hope everyone else's games are coming along just as well! i'm not sure i'll finish the game in time but that's what beta versions are for!!

hi! honestly i just thought of a concept about a half hour ago after finding some royalty free music i could use so im just bouncing off that, but my plan was pretty simple (it might have different steps than yours would since i'm just making a ren'py game)

0. think of an idea for the game

1. draw sprites

2. start coding and write script as i go

3. draw any cg's along the way

i feel like having some art helps motivate me to code, especially since i'm a visual person but everyone works differently.

if you want anyone to run ideas by/have beta read or play your game my discords Korekiyo#0192 but beware because im illiterate and have no good ideas

hello! this is my first devlog  so i hope i can make it somewhat coherent at least. i definitely need to learn the correct terminology for things, but for now i wanted to share my excitement for a visual novel i've been planning. 

here's the first official piece of art for the game (excluding sketchbook scribbles).

i'll be making the game in ren'py and it will include 12 chapters, or 12 sections of the story. It's a game about two strangers named Orion and Batu who find themselves journeying together through the 9 circles of hell after being told that they have no love for anything in the world.

i sincerely hope that i can convey a story that makes the reader not only enjoy the experience of a visual novel, and want to continue reading (as someone with attention issues, as much as i love visual novels, i have an incredibly hard time motivating myself to read them), but also to allow the reader to feel deeply and wholly what i felt as creating the story.

i'm currently working on this project alone, and while i can't compensate anyone who would choose to help, if anyone else feels like they want to know more about the story please feel free to contact me and i'm happy to talk about the themes of the story that are important to me to see if we have overlapping interests that might convince you to help with the project. i have no experience with making music, so having someone who could create a soundtrack would be especially helpful, or this project's soundtrack would consist of free-use music.

even if it just ends up being a solo project, i truly hope that i can create an enjoyable game.