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Thank you so much, Draz! That means a lot to me.

So sweet! I want more!

I love the concept of this game and I love how elegantly it's presented. It's so good.

So cozy and happy! And the recipes are delicious!

I love this game so much. It makes me so happy. Bronny forever. 

My favorite dungeon of all time. It really was bees all along. 

DREAMJAM community · Created a new topic Game Swap?
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Hi fellow DREAMers!

I've done previous jams where those of us with paid content gave download keys to fellow jam participants. I'm totally willing to give anyone involved in DREAMJAM a copy of Nekomancy! Just let me know. Also, is this something the rest of you with paid games would be interested in doing? I think it's a fun way to share games with fellow jammers and spread the DREAM. 

If you want to have a copy of Nekomancy, please email me at I'd love to swap with you!

Hi there! I'm Jess, and I'm a social worker (former opera singer) living in PA. I've GMed for years but first got into writing for games with Uncaged. love the principles of SwordDream and was thrilled to get to create for this jam!

I was inspired by several games whose mechanics and ideas I tried to synthesize within the small time frame of Folklore Jam and World Mythology Jam. The ones I was particularly inspired by were Threadbare, Dungeon World, Epyllion, Spire, and Dinosaur Princesses.  Threadbare, Dungeon World, and Epyllion are some of my favorite PbtA games that utilize the mechanics beautifully and are a joy both to run and play. Spire is wonderful for small groups and excels at team-oriented tasks. Dinosaur Princesses is my favorite family friendly RPG that came out this past year, and I really recommend it to anyone, but particularly families with younger children. 

Thank you so much for including me! I really liked your video!

You've got it!

Aww, thank you Arthur! :) 

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Same here! If you've submitted to the jam and want a free copy, hit me up at for Squad Goals! 

Awesome, thank you!

Hi all!

I'm participating in the Folklore jam and am realizing that my submission for that is very heavily based in world mythology. Would it be weird (or uncouth) to submit the same game for both? I haven't joined this jam yet, b/c I just found out about it after starting the folklore jam. I don't want to break any rules. 

Thank you!