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Already done! o7

Congrats on the nom!!!

Congrats on the nom!!!

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Hi there! It plays comfortably with 6 plus a DM, though more or fewer is totally up to you (I recommend playing with at least 2). Game time whenever I've run it is usually around 4 hours, though that depends on your table. 

This is the great thing Cat has ever written, no I am not taking questions. I would die for Pumpkin.


Yes!  My high school English teacher made us read it twice, because he said we didn't read it well enough as a summer reading assignment, so he shifted everything for fall back a month so we could read it AGAIN. I haven't read it since, though...

Happy Halloweeeeen!

Happy Halloweeeeeen!

Fluffy Horror Jam community · Created a new topic EXTENSION

Hi Everyone!

What's Halloween without a little horror, right? With that in mind, Fluffy Horror Jam is extended until the day after Halloween! Enjoy the extra month of creation! I look forward to seeing what monstrosities you come up with! 

With love,


I don't. I'm a ttrpg gal. I'm glad it's playable, though (just not for me). XD

There doesn't seem to be a way to play the game? Did you upload a file? 

This is a hilarious idea. Love. 

This is GORGEOUS. Let me know if you do a print run. 

I love this game!

I believe we're going at folklore from a pretty broad perspective. So urban folklore is allowed, and that can encompass a whole lot of things. Have fun and I look forward to seeing your game!

You have until the minute the jam ends to create and submit your game. Happy creating! 

Afaik, as long as they're folklore focused, they're good to go. I think we have at least one character generator in here already. 

This is so clever. I love the witch paths, the bicons the superpowers, the's all so thoughtful and good!

You had my heart at the hippo. You won it forever with "a curious spoon." This is delightful. 


Beautifully laid out and wonderful content. I love it. 

No, but happy to have communication and collaboration here in the community section. 

Hi all!

So running and moderating a discord is more than I have time for right now. The last thing I want to do is open a discord and let it become a toxic place without moderators. Let's just keep collabs and communication to the community section here, Twitter, or anywhere else you'd like to meet up.  

Thank you and apologies for that,


It doesn't have a discord. We've been doing all the communication here in the community section or on Twitter. That's something we can certainly consider for next year!

I hadn't planned to create one, but I certainly could. I'll drop the link here and send it out when the jam opens. 

I would LOVE it if there was an option to do this. I've wanted to start major projects over here instead of DMsGuild/DriveThruRPG but since I'm frequently working with multiple collaborators, I've been stuck places where I can split the revenue. 

A lot of jams I've been in have done game swaps, where you offer a code for your game to other people in the jam and vv. I'm happy to do that for my game here, and if anyone else wants to join me, feel free! DM me on Twitter for a code (once I've made the game, of course). 

Let's talk about them! Do you need one? Are you one? Let's connect sensitivity editors to people who need them here!

I do sensitivity reading for mental health and abuse/assault/trauma, in case anyone needs that for their game. 

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you had fun! 


Very cool take on the Wretched and Alone games by actually having you surrounded by people. I like the Masque of the Red Death vibe. There's a bit of ableist language I could do without (people being driven "insane" by events) but otherwise, I highly recommend this as a glamorous spin on the solo play genre. 

Ooo, considering I'm replacing the tower with a cat, the Joker is excellent for me. Thank you! 

Hi friends! I just made the Tables of Overlooked Treasure, compatible with 5e as well as other ttrpg systems.

Oh awesome! I'm happy to do the same thing for the Tables of Overlooked Treasure! 

I struggled to help Adam to see that Legend of the Driven, an extremely violent martial arts film may not have been the best way for him to showcase his true feelings regarding the devastating effects of the film industry on Adam Driver. Nevertheless, we reached a compromise: the violence was one of the soul and the martial arts where those of Adam Driver's struggle against an unforgiving industry. The results were...

Well, it was certainly a movie. I know he was hoping for an Independent Spirit Award, but at least he'll get MTV's Best Kiss. The scene where a film executive punched out his heart and Adam kissed it while sobbing will go down in cinematic history. 

I can't say I'll miss having Adam as my roommate, but I'll cherish the brief time we had together. 

Oh no! I'll fix that link right away. Thank you! Have fun!