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I know I'm late to the party but I really wanted to give my opinion on this game.

I loved that there were multiple choices for the lightning and the music. Most "exploration games" don't let the player customize their experience, but yours did! And I liked that I could also hear birds chirping, it added to the immersion.

I'm pretty stressed right now but I found your game very relaxing. Just walking around, exploring the area, taking a lot of screenshots because your game is so fucking gorgeous, etc. Honestly, for such a small map, I thought there was a lot to explore! I thought the grotto was a cool detail by the way.

In my opinion, your game deserves waaay more comments and recognition. I'm gonna stop here because it's getting super long and you probably don't have time for this lol, but I just want you to know that I absolutely loved this and that I'm definitely gonna play your Japan map.

Thank you!