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I've gotta say, I really enjoy this game already, the physics feel like Ridge Racer/Outrun/Initial D; I really love the way the gameplay feels, you get a sense of speed that not many games capture nowadays, when you start to drift through the long curves and corners, you'll feel the car sort of stick to the track but at the same time skid away like initial d games, you have to balance turning the car left and right while having to use the gas pedal to keep the car from hitting a wall or a car to slow you down.  The soundtrack is godly, it gives me early 90s/2000s racing game soundtracks like Daytona, Ridge Racer, etc. I love music like this so keep it up! make new songs, love them alot!  The graphics are well how can I describe the flaws....... oh wait... there are none! this is a gorgeous game! I love the pixel art and the cool polygon roads that this game experiments with, its like a blend of old Gameboy color racing games such as Pocket Rally, Sega games like Outrun,Super Hang-On, and Sonic Drift, And polygons like Star Fox or early 2000s N64 and Ps1 games. Overall, I'd love to say I'm glad there are people still out there who love arcade racers, they're pretty rare now and have unfortunately been swept under the rug by mainstream simulator games, sometimes gamers just want to play a game that goes past the laws of reality and have their creativity go anywhere they can dream of, this game may just be a demo but if you guys can manage to finish this game, id gladly spend a couple of hard earned cash just to play a full version of this masterpiece because this game defines old school arcade racers, ill give this game a 10/10 so far, I hope this gives some newcomers a good summary of what this game is like :)