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Angelique Cutthroat

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Posted in HUMAN comments

Human, I at first thought it was about human test subjects, like something similar to the walrider in outlast, but it had nothing to do with human experimentation, BUT I see you were green lighted about the new version of this 'Human Subjects' and I can't wait to see what you do and where you go with it! That is a topic that is completely free, you can choose to do whatever you want with it and that's what I think is so great about that horror topic. As for this game I thought the atmosphere was AMAZING! You really have the creepy factor down and I can appreciate that there's not cheep jump scares, it feels like environment is feeding off of your fear and not many games have that factor anymore, I thought it was extremely well done. I thought everything was done great, between all the "glitching" or switching between realities, it felt like everything happened at the right times and it all flowed beautifully. The graphics were beautiful and the sounds added to the fear factor of the environment. The only thing I didn't care for *SPOILERS* was the ending, I really wanted there to be something more creative than just putting the devil at the end of all this, I feel like that's almost an easy way out and a bit callable, to me it felt like, oh what's evil, the devil. But creating something of your own is something else with no limit, you decide what it can and can not do, it could change the story and what he sees drastically and i'd love to see you create something from all of this experimenting in the lab. *SPOILERS* But I do look forward to see what you will do with the human subjects game and all the improvements and changes you'll be making. I plan on purchasing and playing once it comes out! 

I just posted my video a little while ago and as soon as there's copyright in the video there's a tab that pops up, and it's not there for me so no copyright! :D 

Wow, I am a bit embarrassed to admit I jumped more than a few times playing this, no jump scares, just good old timing lol. But I was a bit upset when we finished the main objectives but was super thrilled that we got to do one last thing! Very enjoyable simple game! Great job! I look forward to seeing what you do in the future! :D 

I am very interested in your game, I think you have a very solid core idea, with that being said there were some things that I wanted more out of. I was a bit confused with the scout tower, I understand the book was there, but I feel like there should have been more around it, it seems like such a big thing to put in for just binoculars and the book, and as soon as we picked up the binoculars I was hoping that we'd be able to look through them and see something that we couldn't find because of the perimeter of the map.  I also thought that the hands were completely grey, but hey, maybe i'm just color blind lol. I also felt like I was still lost while trying to put the story together, i'm not sure if others had the same feeling or if this just isn't piecing together for me, but I felt like I was just picking up clues and they meant nothing to me, I didn't feel like there was any order or indication of how they related to the murder. The biggest issue I had in the game was honestly the voice of Gonzales, she's supposed to be this bitchy I don't give a f*** boss, like... I don't care if you pull yourself together for this case, i'm giving you this chance so prove to me that it was worth it to keep you on. and the girl just didn't sell it for me, the same with the murderer at the end, I could feel that he was trying to tell a emotional story, but if you are confessing something like that I feel like you should be broken, especially where he was talking about the way he felt he was in a trance. I thought the detective's voice was fine, you can get away with any voice for him really. I also don't know if I experienced a little bug in the game, but at about 10:10 in the video I start to grab at what I assume may have been a hint but i'm not sure, I was just getting "nice one mike" with a hand animation. But other than those few things I think you could make this into a great game! I really appreciate the way you have the menu of the phone to look back on information and dialog. I don't know what i'm missing, but I still enjoyed your beta! Oh and I completely failed putting everything together, I feel like maybe if I failed you should have an animation of the suspect in holding get to walk away instead of getting this big confession so if you're closer maybe it could change with like a lawyer of the chief saying you don't have enough evidence, I think that would just be such a cool little thing to add in as well as give you the replay value you want! But I look forward to all the improvements you can make in the future and i'll be looking for them! 

This was so well done, i'm glad I decided to play this. Your humor is done so right and spaced so well, honestly i'm surprised this hasn't gotten more attention, I don't know how active your account is, but I hope that you can make some more future games because if they have the same humor I will be all over it! But great game and I hope you do some more work in the future :) No complaints!

Handsy has changed quite a bit! I really like that we have a small objective now more than something that more or less shows us how to use the controls. I like this small little map too, I was so genuinely concerned that the water would kill me as soon as I touched it until I saw a coin underneath it lol. I didn't have an issue getting to most coins but the one on the tree was dreadful, (at about 9 - 10 minutes it turned into basically a death montage of me trying to get that coin lol. I played the game for about 40 minutes and at least 20 of that was just trying for that coin) I kept getting up there and it seemed like every time I should have gotten the coin I slipped right off of the side, and I tried and tried for quite some time, it just seemed like nothing I did worked, jumping, just running, the little boost with the mouse, I just couldn't make it work. Something that's not a huge deal but could be fixed a bit is some of the camera angles, I feel like if I get to close to somethings the angels just go crazy and you see it in the video a few times, but it's not anything that needs to be jumped on. The only other thing I had an issue with was pushing things, i'm sure it is super weird and hard to program a singular hand to push something, but it's rough and it takes a lot of effort and time, as you could see a lot of the pushing was me getting it a few inches then the hand would go past it and I would have to come to the back of it again and again. Unfortunately I couldn't get all ten coins thanks to that tree lol so I didn't get to take a look at the volcano that was really calling my name haha, but I think you have the beginning of something really cool, I love the sound of the portals with all the different time lines that is making me SOOOO EXCITED and the main story of why Handsy has been created is beautiful haha! I CAN NOT wait to play when you have those updates!! I look forward to seeing some more from you guys and Handsy! :D

YOU HAVE GOT SOME STUFF GOING ON! I really like the idea of an open world horror game, but I'm not sure how or if it's supposed to all connect in the full game, I LOVE the dark and twisted topics, and I think you did it just right, not too much, but just enough, we have to put the pieces together and leaving just enough to the imagination makes everyone's experience more personalized to them. Your atmosphere is so good, there's times where you think you're safe, BUT GUESS WHAT, YOU'RE NOT, and that will get me better than any jump scare, and it definitely did. I'm so glad you didn't just throw a ton of "zombies" at us to kill and use that as the scares it shows that you care more about the game than the scare. I think your game looks beautiful and I think it was very well done, I plan on seeing what else the town of Hanwell has in store, but I think you have a really solid demo and I hope there is more of the story of this school in the full game!

well, I have no idea what I stumbled upon... this is so random but it was very enjoyable, I want to know why he is so into hot dogs, and does everyone else dream that they're always naked too? lol. I thought the game was fun and silly, making it to hot dog heavn was really the peak of my life haha, at some points I felt like I was moving the mouse and then it would just go crazy, but it kind of added to the craziness, but I really liked the part with the switch and wish more games had something like that in them. I look forward to seeing what else you'll do in the future :)

Awesome! I look forward to it! :D

I really like the idea behind this game the entire thought of breaking out of prison to give your baby girl a teddy bear is very intriguing. Because the game was released a few days ago I don't know how much more you plan on changing or adding but these are some things I would love to see. More of a process to escape the prison (whether that means getting a key or finding/crafting items to make a pick with, etc.) Maybe a flashback of the incident to show why we are in prison, I really want to know how we got here. And lastly I'd like to see some more story (If the flashback has family story in it then great) I loved the concept but I didn't have as much of a connection to Sarah as I wanted to, *SPOILERS* I felt defeated when Heather left with Sarah, but if you make us love the character, the leave of Heather and Sarah with hit 10 times harder. *SPOILERS OVER* I thought the visuals were great I really liked the way the trees and sky looked! I did have trouble with the walking pace at times and the area with the boxes that you have to jump on to get out of the prison, but besides that the rest of it ran beautifully. I think if you could clean this game up a bit you'd have something that could really tug at our heart strings. I look forward to seeing what you do in the future! :) 

Great! I look forward to seeing what other great things you'll do with the game!

So when do we get to see more of this awesome game? :)

Replied to Nyar in Tenome comments

ahh sounds so cool! I probably would have had a heart attack if that was included lol, but it’s pretty awesome anyways! Do you plan on adding some extra stuff in?

Posted in Tenome comments

There is something about your game style that I just really appreciate and I think you guys have made some major improvements since the last time I played. I like that there's a little bit of story to the game but you are still totally confused and freaked out, and trust me, setting a game in a hell hole like a school, you've already won lol. Anyways I thought the game looked gorgeous and the creature was soo weird I don't know if thats from some legend or if you guys created it, but it's cool, totally dig the eyes on the hands! I also LOVE the concept of following the whispers I wish more games had noises like that when looking for objects, especially in the setting you had. *SPOILERS* And I totally didn't know how to feel when the monster pops up at the end! I was like ohhhh, but then I was like huh, and then I was like ahhhh lol *SPOILERS OVER* But I got a few good scares and always have a good time with your games! 

I really like the use of the camera in this game, I think to many games do the same things but this one is different, you actually have to use the camera to progress, it's not for night vision or to record your findings. I also really appreciate the fact that it's an older camera and not a camcorder, the story has me interested I want to know more about this "possessed / mind controlling" story you have with the camera, I just hope it's not as callable from the story we heard from the TV. I would hate to have heard the entire premise of the game in ten seconds, I hope it's more complex than just, why am I killing my family, or finding all the family members dead and then being like, oh no, what happened? But I look forward to seeing what you'll do with the game next, there was a lot of little things that interest me and impressed me like the head piece he said he remembered wearing, the note from the school and the picture changing to point to the door. I'm excited to see whats in the study and whats in that little creepy door in the room!! 

ohh that sounds awesome!! I'll take a look at it! Thanks for getting back to me!

Created a new topic Game Play & Review!

Wooohoo what a trip! I love all the colors and the weird things about this game, it's strange but in the right way. Some small complaints I have are the pace in which he "runs" and not knowing when a turret is aimed and ready to shoot, I wish that I had some other indicated especially in new areas of the game where I'm not completely sure where the turret is, but I understand both of those things add to the challenge of the game and don't need to be changed. The BIGGEST complaint I have is the last area I was in (In my video I enter that area at 14:25 then I come back to it again around 17:00 minutes) *SPOILERS* this is the area with multiple walls/boxes to hide behind, but there are at least four turrets I know about *SPOILERS OVER* I think that part was just such a jump in difficulty from everything else and I'd really be interested to see how to beat that area as well as what happens at the end of the game because I could not beat that part.  But that's the only issue I had with the game everything else was super fun and colorful and i had a good time! Maybe you could do something more for this in the future, I would love to see a level system in the game where it just keeps getting harder!

yay! Can't wait!

Such a good, silly game. I love the jiggle of the arm and the length of the stretch, I totally wanted to be able to grab the other customers though I really wanted to see them freak out or get dragged back to you that would have just added an extra something to it for me. I also would have loved to see some more challenges besides a stealing one, it would have more replay value to me, but I did really enjoy the stealing part and the noises that the guards made. For three days to make this I think you did great and I look forward to seeing what you do next! 

AND WHERE IS THE RICE??? Did I walk by it time after time? haha I swear I didn't see any!

hey primary games! How's the second chapter coming along? I'm looking forward to it! 

I really enjoy the concept of using the camera, you see game after game involving a camera but i've never seen it used this way before and I love that. I absolutely loved that we had to go through different doorways and puzzles to find the next piece to let us advance, but I had suuuchh a hard time navigating through the room with the little black demon ball. To be fair the controls were a little weird for me, after some time I started to warm up to them, but was totally confused when I entered the game because there was not a menu option for controls and there was no tutorial in game, you could even change the poster on the sign to the controls because I was pressing every button on my keyboard trying to figure it out and remember what I pressed. The only other complaint I have about this game is that when you're using the camera, the things you need to rewind are great I love the static look to it, but I feel like everything else become somewhat hard to see. Other than that I think you made a great atmosphere and a really interesting concept, I look forward to seeing what's in the next chapter and what else you'll do with the game!

(Edited 1 time)

Wow, this was such a cool, fast little game, it looks like you put so much effort into it and it looks amazing. My first impression of the game was how cool the art looked and how amazing the back looked as well. I loved having this bot to complete these little puzzles with, it was a really simplistic way of doing it but I really really liked it, especially working around the fact that he wants to save EVERY human including the enemies. I wish there was some way to play the game without having to kill every enemy so the outcome of the game would change because my heart hurt after finishing and coming to the realization of what was happening. But absolutely great game and I would love to see more of this, like a full game, because I would jump on it! I look forward to checking out some of your other work, thanks for the game! :D

perfect! I'll totally check that out and look forward to seeing the completed game! <3

So glad to see the improvements of this game!! The new meats are awesome I think they each add something different, i'm not sure what one I like the most haha. Adding in more drops and lowering the bronze was great I actually managed to get a few of them! I still have no idea how anyone will get 400 kills but I want to see the play through when someone does lol. I really wish there were more areas to shoot the meats in, the screen shots got me super excited cause it looks like an alleyway and a kitchen, but we were still in the backyard (not that it's a bad little map). I would really love to see some form of healing also added to the game, it doesn't even have to be something like if you're not being hit you're healing, maybe it could be a drop like the guns or maybe you eat one of the dead meats, I don't know, but I feel like the higher scores would be much more manageable if there was some way to gain health back (especially when the gun runs out of ammo and you're running around tossing batteries in the mystery machine) The only other issue I had was the batteries are just still such a pain in the ass to get in! The wood did help a few times, but for the  most part the batteries bounced out or went over, I did find that being farther away from the  battery machine and throwing them in helped a ton! I do like the new added weapons and the system you have for unlocking things (such as the star and grenade). I really enjoyed the challenge modes and would love to see more of them in the future. This game is super fun and addictive, I want to play constantly outside of recording and I can't wait to see what else you add in to make this game even better!! (Still waiting for those cardboard cut outs ;))

I enjoyed this quick little game! I think the creature is super cool and would have loved to seen him do more! I'm a little curious why he spits stars into the universe, but cool none the less. I really wanted to see him crawl out of the cage and be with you or eat you or something, but what ever that little alien slug man is doing out there, he's a good boy ahaha. I'd love to see an updated version of this with a little bit more in it, but it was still fun for a fast play! 

I like the concept and the graphics and everything in this game is super fun! I am having a lot of trouble with the controls though, I feel like where ever I want him to go he either goes in circles or just does his own thing, I hope that you can update the controls so I can fully play this game :) But I did enjoy it and I really do think the humor is there all i'm lacking is control, but its real fun! 

Posted in Seed comments

What a strange little game, I'm not usually a fan of pixelated games, and this one really wasn't much pixelated but I really enjoyed the style of it. I don't have any complaints besides I wish there was more story, but I also understand things being up to interpretation. I really wonder are there three things to find and will they affect and change the game? Because I might go for round 2 and try to find them all. Overall it was a short, fun, creepy experience and something to think on. A part 2 to this could be really awesome, maybe another person exploring about and piecing this story together further? That would be awesome!! But I look forward to seeing what you do next! :)

I literally had a heart attack with her first appearance, so thank you for that! But this is a super simple game that was made right, you have your little bit of story in the beginning, your own concept for a creature and just the right amount of jump scares. I personally will never make it to the end so I have no idea if there's a cut scene or a little bit of dialog at the end, but it's difficult and everytime I die I laugh instead of being pissed off, so you did good in my book ahah. I'm impressed you made this in 48 hours and I think you did a great job with it, I plan on taking a look at some of your other work, it looks just as eerie :) 

Loving all of the progress!! I can't wait to play this again when it comes out in full! I'm really looking forward to the challenges! Keep up the good work!

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I had an enjoyable time playing this game, unfortunate I haven't come up with a name yet, but maybe one of my subs will :) I like the slender esk of it but with bottles instead. I like the shape of the map and I think the atmosphere is this unique style thats pretty but can keep the creepy feeling of knowing something's after you alive. I think the creature you created was absolutely hilarious, you have this fear of knowing something is chasing you and when it catches up to you you're like "What the f***!" It was great. The only complaints I have are the beginning paper animation got frustrating, I think if you could make it so if you don't go to the main menu you'd just start with the paper saying collect 8 bottles instead of forcing us to watch the same animation after every death when we just want to go find the bottles.  At times when I was playing I would walk by the walls and occasionally an E/F would pop up for just a second but spending a few minutes looking for the bottle I could not find it, and I experienced some pretty bad motion sickness after playing the game for about 30 minutes so unfortunately I didn't get to see what happens after you collect the bottles. As for the motion sickness i'm kind of weird with it because watching someone play the last of us i'll get it as well as watching someone fly a plane on GTA, but playing them i'm fine, so I wouldn't change anything on my part I would wait until you get some more feedback! Back besides that I had a great time playing and trying to climb over top the mountains in the game! 

P.S. WHAT WAS HE SAYING???? Is it supposed to be inaudible or is he actually saying something? lol thanks 

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This was a really short, fun, frustrating, enjoyable mess of things lol. I loved the atmosphere, and old doctor going into his rotting hospital for files but the creature he created is still lurking below, (and the wonderful old music) I think that could be a killer game if you had a bigger team and bigger budget. I had some hard times with inspecting/reading much of anything it all seemed very blurry and I know it's not an issue with my PC. Besides having some issues with the maps and papers, everything else was fun for a small quick game, I had to play this a few times to get to the ending because after you can't run from the monster you're basically f****d. SPEAKING OF THE MONSTER!!! He's beautiful and I want a cardboard cut out of him in my recording room ahahah I would love to put this around my home and see what kind of reactions I can get from people, he's like scary but also fun to laugh at and these hands man, they are just out there... literally, but it gave me a good laugh every time I looked down so I like them ;) 

Posted in Urbex comments
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The game looked awesome, and you did a lot of things very very well, I'm for and against this idea of waking up in a random location and having to find your way out for a small game because it adds to the creep factor but I love me a good story! I thought the way the noises were placed for the "jump scares" were done very well because you're not expected to hear a massive thud or a glitching noise opening a locker. I would have loved to see a different ending or even something we can do to make it out alive, I think that could be something cool to throw in an alt ending. I also would have loved to see the mannequins looking at you or following you with their heads as well as movement whenever they're behind you because I kept looking back expecting these things to come after me and it definitely would have been a good scare! I think this could be made into something bigger and I completely see it blowing up! Overall I thought this was pretty well made for a short and fast horror experience and look forward to seeing what else you come up with! 


Woo! I played the first Chapter today and needless to say it was AWESOME to see this crazy doll creature in action! You guys really know how to set the atmosphere and keep everything creepy and new. This puzzle was very easy and simple, yet it took me wayyyy longer than it should have and that's on my part. I also completely missed the piece that goes into the power box that's sitting on the doll behind the EVIL flashlight mound and I was in that general area quite a few times, so maybe making that just slightly more visible, whether that color or a small glow I have no clue, but that would be cool. I'm not sure how I feel about the hand animation coming from the lighthouse, I died quite a bit so it seemed tedious, but hey that's death. The other creature that you see an animation for has me asking some questions!! So I can't wait to play the next chapter of this game and see where we go from here, especially after the hands at the end UGHHHH!!! Your game is AWESOME!  Oh, and thank you for not making the entire room reset when you're hit by that doll creature, because that would have been an extremely long process!

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Hey Primary Games!! So I have a small question, after playing the demo of your game I was super impressed and completely plan to purchase the game (and do a full play through) with that being said I notice next to buy it says chapter one, is this game coming out in chapters? And if it is coming out in chapters will each chapter be 4.99 or is that a solid game price? Thanks and sorry if you've already posted these answers, I just haven't seen them :) 

Oooohhh I can't wait to try those out and the cardboard cut outs sound AWESOME!!!  :D

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This game was so simple, but so FUN!! I absolutely suck at it, but I still enjoyed playing it, I even continued playing it after recording. Some things I would like to see happen with the game are more things to interact with, (I was really hoping we could do something with the grill because LETS COOK THEM!! I also think it would be really cool if we could set up traps or just use environmentals more... but maybe I could and I just didn't find it or do the right thing?) Other than that it's real small stuff, I wish when we ran, we ran a bit faster, and I wish there was a section that I could look at for the controls rather than figuring them out for myself or coming all the way back to Itch.io to read them, and lastly, GIVE ME MORE BULLETS!!! I had the idea of maybe the hot dogs just dropping bullets or something when you kill them, or maybe you could do something else with the dispenser machine, i'm not sure. I always felt like I ran out of bullets within the first minute of picking it up!! I do really like the weapons and I can not wait to see what else you add. I can not wait to see what kind of challenges you'll be adding, and I read your update about petting the dog that pops in and I LOVE IT!! This game was great and I could not stop smiling! And once there's more added with challenges and future updates I definitely want to come back to this game and check out the improvements you've made, I look forward to it! 

Aha thank you so much! I look forward to seeing the improvements πŸ’›

This game was such a good time! I like the setting and I love the way the rock characters look, I was a bit upset about no big fight at the end with the big rock, but i'm not sure if the game is just unfinished because in the description it sounds like you have to fight him to save the class. The only other issue I had was if I got to close to the grey of the desk I would fall right through, I assume that's just metal around the desk not an unstable area, so that got me a few time, but I still enjoyed the hell out of it and I like how we just have this little like, cut off at the elbow, hand running around it was hilarious! I hope you do more with this, maybe add something with the paper and scissors as weapons too since you're doing a rock paper scissors theme! I think that would be awesome!!

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WHAT AMAZING DEMO!!! I think this is such a cool concept!!! I love the execution of the asthma attacks, the game is absolutely gorgeous, the sound is so suiting and I love the voice actors accent, it's really put together so beautifully! I do feel like a bit of an a** for playing the demo and uploading my playthrough and then doing research and finding out it's coming out tomorrow so that's a shame, BUT I will absolutely being doing a full play through of the game once they are available. I have no complaints, I adore the movement and I think all of the puzzels and ideas are going to work GREAT!! I do suck at opening the doors though and I had a bit of trouble turning the crank, but overall I think this game will become very very big and if there's anything I can do to help you guys at all i'd be happy to (I liked the demo that much) But yes! I look forward to the chapters to come!

the 64 bit