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Angelique Cutthroat

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Created a new topic This game was AMAZING!!

I LOVED this game, i'm so in love with the concept and you did it soooo well, well worth the two dollars! The atmosphere was amazing and the timing of the rat was perfect, the way he just looking at you made him extremely intimidating without him doing anything. I thought the tasks were very reasonable and didn't take too long, the only thing I would've changed is when you pick things up you can only throw them, I had a bit of trouble with the balls in the yard, and thought the process could have gone a little bit faster if we had the option to move with the toys. I really thought you executed the nightmare and the fear of this child so well. I would absolutely love to see you do more with this, more play offs of childhood fears I would be coming back for more and more!!! I'm glad I got to experience this game and was able to share it with some other people :) KEEP CREATING!! I look forward to seeing what else you come up with!

That was an interesting game, yet very simple. I am a huge fan of obsession when it comes to anything, books, games, movies, and it has to be done REALLY well. On that note, because of how simple this was, the ways you did it were really great, I love how we saw the flash of it on the computer and how we convinced ourselves that we needed to go out and buy a power tool to figure out what's going on, but not just any power tool, it had to be the most expensive one, it's those small details like that I appreciate so good job. As far as what this is all supposed to mean, that's lost for me, but that's totally fine lol, i'm not sure if we're inside our own head, if he's lost his memory after killing the wife, if he can't live with himself and his mind suppressed it or he had a disorder, but I still enjoyed the game. The only thing that got me a little bit was the jump scare and that just, omg i'm in love with the cheesiness of it! Hahaha, but i've looked at your page and i'm eyeing some of your other games so I look forward to whatever you'll be putting out next! 

I really appreciate what you are trying to do, it's very hard for people of abuse to have a voice and i'm glad you're trying to help bring awareness to the situation. I'm not upset or mad about this but i'm not sure if you're familiar with much animal abuse, I think there's so many dog abuse issues this could have been more based on that but at the same time i'm torn, because I understand most people are scared, uncomfortable, or just don't want to deal with things regarding domestic abuse, so I still appreciate the way you went about putting it into something like this, I think we can all relate to loving our animals so this puts in into perspective.  Regarding a few of the other comments about your game I had no issues with the controls at all and thought they were very straight forward and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing this game with the world and I'm glad I could share it with others ❤ I'll be interested in seeing what else you come up with! 

I have not, but I will definitely check it out! Thank you! :D

I really really loved this concept, I think with a bigger budget this could be turned into such a huge game!! So the only thing I had a bit of trouble with was finding things, I don't know if they were supposed to hint towards them or be completely find them on your own but thankfully I was able to find them and just a small thing is that I had such a had time seeing with the lantern I was hoping it would have lit the basement up just a bit more. I do love this concept, it's such a simple idea but I know this could be made into something huge! I hope you do more with this and I can't wait to see what you have planned next!

That would be totally cool!

This game was so simple and so cute! I think it was made really well for what you had to work with, but I would have loved for the cat to wake up or chase after the mouse and I think it would have been cool to have some spooked guy looking around! I didn't quite understand what happened after we watched tv, it looked like an evil ghost was keeping him in a bedroom, but we never saw the door for that? That's the only thing that confused me, but other than that I thought the game was great! I look forward to seeing what you'll be making in the future! 

This was a fun game to play I had a lot of good laughs and felt like I actually related to the couch potatoe death, because... well, that's how i'm going to die. LOL well thanks for the game it was super simple but very fun! Looking forward to seeing what else you'll make! :) 

I actually loved this game so much, it was so cute, it almost seemed repetitive, but it kept my interest to keep playing for quite some time. I would LOVE to know what the words in Latin are because I am not the translator for it, but other than that it's a super cute game and I had a great time playing it! Great work! <3

This game was great something so simple with such interesting turns and twists! Can't wait to see what adventures we'll be having next as food! ;) Good work.