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Hey, can you guys also put like competition feature? Or with ranking thing? Like ranking of best impostor, how many wins n stuff? It will be more challanging

hello, is this game gonna upload on Steam? i'm really hoping it will because i'm not used with PayPal *cries silently* and i'm so exciting to play this game, already played demo for main game n it was sooooo great i even screamed lololol

really waiting for it ~

For Lucifer's blue eyes, this game is legit AMAZING!! i love everything in this game totally,, how smooth n bitchy Kosuke (but in a good way since he's a lust) also other characters as well.. but the most is Lucifer,, like DAMN his voice took me to whole another level!! i even recorded his voice ngl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

All about this are PERFECT, from story, voices, art styles, characters are really good n entertaining.. but there's one part that missing and it's skip button, so sometimes i need to start from beginning because i missed one dialogue or accidentally press next button..

I played all available routes n honestly i love Cody route more!! IMO he's as same like Lucifer n really smooth talker as well.. i'm looking foward for the final of this game, and i'm so EXCITED if y'all consider to make Lucifer route bcs I'LL BE SO HAPPY IN TEARS to play it !!

Keep it up and we all wait for more updates and news 🤍

I start to play this after The Glass Coffin n for the love of god i really love this game <3

Love the story line, characters especially Kazuto, he's sassy but he knows what he's doing, also love the art style (n ofc Lucas body ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 

I can't wait for more updates for Honey Trap and The Glass Coffin.. Keep on work and good luck mate~

I just finished playing the demo, and I LOVE IT <3

The story, art work, music, character personalities are soooo amazing. I always think if Visual Novel has voice acting it will be perfect, but this game is already perfect without voice acting. 

I'm really waiting for a next update of this game, and if someday you considerate to put voice acting it will be a bless for not only me, but also another player. Good luck mate <3

i just played the demo and IT'S SO AMAZING!! I really love the art style of the story and the voices are so great.. Leos really killed me like GODDAMN HIS VOICE WITH THAT VISUAL ( and i'm glad he's a top :3 )

And i read this game is unsencored and 18+ content ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

But i kinda have a little concern with Fawn.. he's so cute and his voice is so sweet, so i can't see him as a top :( i read your comment and you said Fawn x Raen can be switch, but i think Cyne can go with switch.. BUT that's just my opinion so please don't bully me :(

anyhow i wish for the best for y'all and can't wait for more updates <3