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Well that was freaky.

yeah. you can also steal apples, which give stamina and remove pain. doing so will trigger an event with nova, either getting you in stocks, having sex and being let go, or fighting her.

I am diagnosing you with asexuality. Don't worry, it's safe.

Fun and challenging. Very addicting, but also extremely frustrating sometimes.

Not sure if youll see this, but here it is. When moving in between towns theres a chance to find things. One is the caravan, the other is the army base. If it doesnt let you do things because of missing stat requiremnts, it wont permenantly lock it, so dont worry about that. Not sure if theres more.

This game is absolutely amazing, my favorite character was the werewolf, that being said, I didnt play through the whole thing so I have more to discover, but still.

thx, also, nice to see someone replay to the comments even if they no longer work on the game. Amazing game, and I did manage to make it to the gods, couldnt beat them, but  still.

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After stealing the Mayor's ID, I got to the level with the island, the city, and the plane. I didn't steal the plane's ID, thinking I could just be the mayor, and I had to restart. Other than that, great game with fun combat.

well, to be fair, socialism is that balance, what your talking about is communism, which is basically socialism gone bad

Cute little game, absolutely love it. Although sometimes it crashes, but its an easy fix.

Loved it, fun game

Kinda reminds me of bob the robber in a way, dont ask me why.

The idea isn't bad, in fact, I've played games with the same premise, and liked them. Thing is, there are problems with this game, so many problems. I would spawn a unit and they'd walk right past an enemy, then they'd snap into a fight with an enemy like, 2 feet away from them. I hate the fact that there's no set area to spawn. I mean, sure, have a free running battle field, but at least add some lanes or something. I don't really like the fact that if I don't have enough units in one spot, the enemy can just stack up units and the physics allow them to just push my men back without actually killing them. My point is, the creator had a good idea, not original, but good, but they didn't execute correctly.

Its little wonder why this game won

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I haven't even finished, but I must say, good game. It has a nice music, and thanks to the controls being on the bottom of the screen, it's not hard to learn how to play.