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Yeah, once I'm able to figure out if my sorta low-end machine can run it, I'll definitely get it. These type of games are right up my alley. 

Ah, thanks for replying! 

is there a chance to be able to download a demo version of this game just to see if our low end laptops will be able to run it properly or not before purchasing it?

Been trying to find something else that was similar to Fell Seal's: Arbiter's Ark, and I think I found my new fave indie hidden gem in Hellenica. 10/01/10, would recommend! 

Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you for including the steam key! Excited to play this game once I find the time to do so.

Not sure what's going on, but it sure isn't my laptop. The animation of the intro scene starts very choppy/laggy.  Everything else in the game is fine, and I haven't been able to fix this at all. Not sure if it's only a thing on itch because I don't have the steam version. I'm planning on getting the steam version to compare if the same issue comes up.