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cove's birthday is november 2nd! not sure about derek or baxter though

in case you haven't already seen it, the dlc is out now!

oh lol, you manually change them yourself. during the choice screen you should be able to drag the sliders up and then that dynamic stays for the entire step, regardless of your choices. (the choices instead work on developing cove/your mc as characters)


Aww that's so cute! I wonder if you could consider patching in a skip button? It makes it a bit annoying for replays. Still really enjoyed it though!

here are all the end cards I could find: 

-welcome kiss
-consentual hug
-successful handshake
-4/10 will interact with again
-reads self help book
-an uncomfortable happening
-a weirdly long smooch
-a strangely lengthy kiss

I'm not usually one for horror but this was really well done!

I replayed a few times and I don't believe there is, but I might be wrong

omf that was adorable

Yes, it has the "horror" tag and was made for a Halloween jam.

Ohhhh, haha you can toss the note! Thanks for clearing that up, I'm just a bit stupid sometimes lol :P

Really cool concept! It's a really fun little game that I enjoyed. However, I think it would be a bit more intuitive if you made sure there was always a way for the note to end up where it belonged. There were a lot of times that there was simply no way for the note to get to its target, which proved to be quite frustrating. Overall, though, it's a really cool game!

wait there's a zen route WHATTTTTTTT (how do you reach it yes I think it is hidden pls tell me)

I love this game so much! One of the few VNs out there where the characters seem realistic and well-thought out. I was pleasantly surprised by the length, honestly I was expecting something much shorter considering that it's free but it ended up lasting me a lot longer and I really got attached to the characters! Female Joyce is so adorable uwu (and honestly I love suuj) It was really cool that you added the option to choose pronouns, and it's really rare these days for there to be an option to almost fully customize your sexuality. Overall it's a great story that's both gripping and adorable!!!

Looks amazing! My one critique would be that the Story section is a bit hard to read...

This was so cute! Just out of curiosity, what are some of the other side character's pronouns? I just noticed a few different people being referred to as they/them, and I wasn't sure if this was used for ambiguity or because it is how they identify. Thank you, and I love your art and games!!

okay so I'm not a good writer but THIS GAME.


that is all. 

(also can't wait for the full release!! :)

*it's second only to maybe butterfly soup but nothing can top that tbh

ahahaha me tooooooo

I would try downloading the game from Steam, the whole thing seems to be a lot more finished there :)

the one time I got the kiss thingie (instead of the "consensual hug") was when they looked like me and my crush uwu

love this game btw

This game is amazing! Beautiful artwork and the overall concept is very moving <3

I love this so much XD



Well that was depressing... great game tho!

This game was truly amazing. The art is beautiful rendered, the music is very tranquil and really sets the atmosphere, and overall the aesthetic is gorgeous and perfectly captures the feeling of a "midlife crisis" (and this is a run-on sentence lol). Kudos to you for being one of the only games to actually make me cry.