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I'm ashamed to say I had to look up how to "play" this, but it ended up being a really lovely experience just waiting and enjoying the slow passing of time. And that ending was very intriguing, reminds me of Gridman almost! I loved the Prologue as well and am really looking forward to the full game. :D

Saw this in last year's Wholesome Direct but only just got round to playing the demo and was blown away! The pixel art is gorgeous and I loved helping people around town. Can't wait for the full release! :)

So cute <3

Glad everything worked out, the ending was so sweet~

This was really wholesome! Loved the artstyle, the color palette was very warm and cosy, and the character sprites have this almost analogue look to them which works very well with the backgrounds. I also liked the touch of the phone being the UI at the start, it's a very immersive opening!

A bit of a stressful story, but the art was really cute and the second Erika ending was so heartwarming! I'll definitely play the next installments!

Okay, thank you! Your looks very promising, so I really want to try it out ><

Yup, I'm having the same problem, all the antivirus software I have is pinging it as malware...

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Excellently written, and painfully relatable! I was really attached to all the main characters by the end, I hope they all end up okay ><

I was fairly happy with what I got, but definitely want to replay it and try out the other options too!

I love the art and UI, really enjoyed the Rose of Versailles (I'm assuming) influences. The choice of subject was very fun, Julie d'Aubigny sounds like quite the character!

This is incredible! Your writing is so evocative, and having that first part about Kest's everyday work really helped emphasise the sense of freedom and exploration in the second part. It's also very sexy, haha :)

Looking forward to checking out your other work!

I adore the art, the art nouveau stylings are beautiful and I really like the sense of texture of the watercolors! The writing is also great, I'm intrigued by the different characters (especially M and what's going on with Triton) and it's lovely to spend time relaxing in the hotel. Really looking forward to more, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on you guys!

A great way to illustrate the passing of time, I also really liked the cyclical nature of the ending!

Very engagingly written, and I enjoyed the surrealist transitions and black-and-white graphics!

Incredible visual style, and a lovely (not to mention educational) celebration of culture!

whoa, it feels like you're inside a watercolour painting! i loved the art but also the subtle shifts of focus, it really encapsulated the idea of the "moment"

A lovely soothing game, I enjoyed it a lot!

it's amazing how you you managed to turn a stressful experience into such a soothing game! i really like the paper-media feel of it too

so cute, i love the style + color choices!

this is so adorable and lovely!!! it really cheered me up, thank you!!

A lovely little experience, I especially liked the person waving their legs while sitting on the jetty!

A delightfully autumnal experience! I loved seeing all the different types of mushroom.

I really really adored this game! Exploring villages and helping people is my favorite part of JRPGs, so this really hit the spot. It's so beautiful too! I'd love to see more of your work, whether set in this world or not <3

a++ doges

a++ animu

a++ hus/shibe

be the dog you want to be

A great game with a great sense of atmosphere. I really enjoyed just bobbing across the sea, immersing myself in the sound of the waves and the area music and then being excited by the sight of something on the horizon. The storm, especially the transitions in to and out of it, was absolutely fantastic as well.

One little thing I'd like to add is that if you're still tweaking the game, it might be helpful to add something which indicates if you're going in completely the wrong direction. Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether you've headed the wrong way or need to go on just a bit further (I wasn't able to find the "carcasses" on my first go, though I'm going to try again).

Other than that, thank you for the lovely experience!

This was beautiful, you get only the briefest glimpses of Amy and Lumpo and yet that's enough to give such depth of feeling! I also enjoyed playing around with the little icons on the desktop, loved the detail.

This game is so cute! I love the art, the interactions, the GUI... everything, basically!