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I really really adored this game! Exploring villages and helping people is my favorite part of JRPGs, so this really hit the spot. It's so beautiful too! I'd love to see more of your work, whether set in this world or not <3

a++ doges

a++ animu

a++ hus/shibe

be the dog you want to be

A great game with a great sense of atmosphere. I really enjoyed just bobbing across the sea, immersing myself in the sound of the waves and the area music and then being excited by the sight of something on the horizon. The storm, especially the transitions in to and out of it, was absolutely fantastic as well.

One little thing I'd like to add is that if you're still tweaking the game, it might be helpful to add something which indicates if you're going in completely the wrong direction. Sometimes it's difficult to tell whether you've headed the wrong way or need to go on just a bit further (I wasn't able to find the "carcasses" on my first go, though I'm going to try again).

Other than that, thank you for the lovely experience!

This was beautiful, you get only the briefest glimpses of Amy and Lumpo and yet that's enough to give such depth of feeling! I also enjoyed playing around with the little icons on the desktop, loved the detail.

This game is so cute! I love the art, the interactions, the GUI... everything, basically!