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i found a duplication glitch lol

web version? lol

if it ever even comes out.

I cant wait for the web version!

Thank you for feedback, i am about to check out yours.

I am gonna join any tips?

does it have to be a recreation or not. pls tell me

most of the time i don't change the game.

i am like 90% sure

yes you have to stick with how many buttons are on the controller, for example the NES has 6 buttons so your game would have a limit of 6 buttons, game boy same thing and atari has 5 button so 5 controls. hopefully that makes sense :)

Good idea :)

Thank you! :)

nvm game works now

Im done! you can download it now as a zip, if it wont work tell me.

Hey its done! i turned the game in to a zip now it should work.

im trying to figure out how to export the game in the right way, just wait it should be here in a little bit (30 mins to an hour).

so pretty much just buttons that are close to each other? like O and P or, F and G?

i can't find out how to do that, can you help me?

I am wondering, do the buttons you use have to be "A" and "B"?


Yes you can link to the game if its on a website.

wow that was really cool

Scratch or Game-maker studio 2, i would say.

Oh yeah! Your Right!


Ohhh i see what you mean. Sorry about that.

game got done long time ago :|


How does it fall below the game screen? can you show me a picture?

Sorry about that. :)

The last game jam i was in [BlackThornProd3 Game Jam] it did not let me upload my files, i dont know why, it just did, is there anyway that to stop this from happening again? or just any tips in about uploading?

me too!

Thank you for responding!

is it too late to respond? anyway,  how long do we have to make games? and also can i use the Scratch game engine?

im still working on it. sorry for the misunderstandng!