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Andrew Brophy

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Hi there,

Thanks for checking out Knuckle Sandwich. Since the release of the demo, I've had many people send me messages with very positive words. It's very heartwarming, that's for sure!

Naturally, as with any videogame, there are issues that you can't find yourself before release. While I've already uploaded small updates to the demo, it's not something I'll be doing between now and the full release. Unfortunately, it's the nature of demos to have a few quirks, but the majority of the big game-breaking bugs have been found and squashed.

With that being said, if you happen to find a problem with the demo, feel free to post it below! It will help me a lot if these reports are all in the one place (and visible to others).

If you are having problems, you can also check out the help page for solutions to common issues.

Thankyou very much! xo