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André Ruiz

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Hey everyone! We fixed a few bugs and wanted to show the bug-free (at least  of the ones we found:P)version of the game  but, as it's against the rules to upload a new version after the end, we uploaded this new version to our Google Drive!

So, if you for some reason really wanted to check the game out with a bit more polish, here it is:

And DON'T FORGET: Use the "oficial" version that was uploaded to the jam for your rating. Otherwise that we'd be cheating :)

Glad you like it! It was so much fun making this project and we are really proud of it's outcome! 

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Thank you for the feedback! We didn't get time to fix all the bugs before submitting but soon we're gonna release another build with some bugfix!

I really enjoyed playing this game! I love flow driven gameplay and this one, although is short, nails it perfeclty. Great job and i hope to see more games of you guys in the future!