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Project fruit of a game jam, emerges as an idea of the run and gun way.

The game progresses gradually.
More details of the game on the project page.

Project PAGE

More of the plot:

Put an end to the crime in the region, take the stolen technological weapons and save the city Rasta City.

A lawless, corrupt city where the militia takes over.

If the city was not besieged by crimes,   the Departamento da  Unidade Cibernética (DUC) had its military and nuclear weapons stolen.

Então, é preciso iniciar a operação para limpar a cidade, nomeada... Operation: City under siege.

the trial version can be downloaded HERE.

I'm working on this project that mixes and runs and shoots with a little exploration.

The stages can be played in any order (as in Ducktales)

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I used the "A" key for the jump because I thought it would be "practical".
Since it would be close to other action buttons.

I forgot to say that when you use the bombs you spend 5 projectiles.

Gostei do jogo

a dificuldade é sirurgica

Estilo Pengo, gostei.

Muito bom

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You could add a Portuguese language and fix a bug when the character dies.
When you press the button to see the map at the moment the character dies the game simply hangs.
But otherwise, the game is wonderful