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The music is quite fitting and the graphics are awesome. Well done!

Simple graphics and well polished. It's kinda hard to hit the enemies tho. Great job otherwise!

A bit frustrating when you don't know when the guy will turn or which turn he will take. Good job tho! 

Interesting concept. Would've been nice to have more ways to calm down tho

Great mechanics and very polished. Well done!

Really fun to play when a lot of enemies spawn. Well done!

Good story and nice visuals, also loved the music. Great job!

Great concept! Would've been cool to do something with the people I controll tho

The game is pretty entertaining and has simple and cute art but you can go through walls if you try to push a crate into a wall.

Love that you can bounce off of walls and the art is pretty fitting too.

Cute game. Good job!

The game looks really nice and polished. Loved it!

Really cute art and cool mechanics. Very well polished!

That's a great idea! Definitely will add it in the post jam version.

Most annoying roommate ever! Really love the twists and how furniture flies around. Great job!

Very cute and fun game. Love it!

Love the art and the mechanics. Second level door isn't working  tho

The game is challenging and the mechanics are really cool. Love it!

Love the art, effects and mechanics! The game is really cool overall but I don't see my cursor most of the time and also as an3s079 said the bullets should be destroyed when they hit a wall. 

Love the mechanics and the effects. Awesome game!

I really like how you turn and get smaller when taking damage. Really interesting gameplay!

The game has a great concept but I don't really understand what the icons do.

The graphics are really cool and the game is awesome but a smoother transition in lanes would've been great.

Loved the ending and the pressure the black hole was adding. Good job!  

The game is pretty fun to play and I love the art. Took me quite some time to understand that I have to search for my home not only go right tho XD

Love it! The tutorial is easy and straight-forward and the art is cool.

Pretty original in my opinion but It's kinda hard to hit the enemies and probably add delay on punching because spamming goes a long way.

I love the strategy and the simple art. Awesome game!

The game was overall cool and the characters look cute and funny

The voice acting got me laughing :D 

Great game!

Seems like the jam has been hosted. Here's a link:

Would you host the jam in so people can join and build teams easily?

Thanks :)

I love that game

Improved the system so it adds all the xp you've recieved from the orb/hoop (before if you had 9/10xp and you get 5 xp it would ignore the 4 bonus xp and make it 0/12xp) and tweaked the xp that xpOrbs and hoops give you.