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André Carpin

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I was intrigued by the aesthetic of the game, and I wasn't disappointed ! The game is beautiful and very peaceful.

I would finish the game but...I ended up stuck in a rock so I couldn't (see picture). It's pretty sad.

I think it's a good game - with good music and really pleasant graphics - but it needs some refinement to be great - like the handling which is too slippery, or the red part which I think is really creepy compared of the rest.

Keep up the good work ! With the next updates, I'm sure this game will become a true hidden gem ! ^^

Hello ! I'm definitely still interested, thank you ! How would you like to be contacted ? (Discord, Messenger.. ). We should also discuss the price if need be.

Do you make PC-98 music ? It's really specific so...

It depends on the price since it'll be for a free game.

I'm making a visual novel and I'm looking for someone who can compose PC-98 style music. Thank you !

Excuse me, what type of music you made ?

The concept it's interesting ! I don't know if this game has an ending or not, but It's interesting, yes. There is no history but in developping this, it can creates a good experience.