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Heey thank you so much for playing our game and including it on your video series. Best of luck in your journey to play them all!

Nice, looking foward to it!

Yeah you'll get the hang of it the more you make games so keep it up!

About the polish it is okay, game jams are too frantic to worry too much with that hahahaha. But I'd suggest, if you intend to continue working on the game, to make more enemies, or even enemy weakness with certain spells.

So glad you liked it! And this bug with the enemies not dying is new to us so thanks for reporting it.

Wow I loved this game! Really fun to play and the texts are hilarious! The spam with specific keys to open and close is a very clever idea, and the Effectiveness bar makes it very rewarding to mash my entire keyboard hahahaha. Amazing work!

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i don't like this it has virus in my computer now i cant play roblox now im crying and shaking right now

thanks grov

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I don't think putting little control in a car actually counts as "Out of Control". The controls are  just fragmented and it wasn't challenging to drive around. Maybe if you added some obstacles or tight road to follow it could become an interesting game!

I don't think your idea really fit with the theme. I mean yeah you can't control the shooting angle and duplication but those things didn't change my playthrough whatsoever. I just ran past everything without shooting and that was it.

So sad you could't finish the game, have you planned more levels or different controls to bind? Because the game has some potential for something interesting!

As a cat owner I can say that this is accurate hahahaha! Cute graphics and very fun game, great work!

For a simple concept there is a lot of strategies to work with like blocking the rabbit or the enemies, pushing enemies away, or balacing the rabbid on the pole. Nice one!

The demon mechanic is a neat idea for a puzzle game, good job!

The game in general is reeeeally slow: movement, enemies and spellcasting. And even if I can't control the spells I've ended up just waiting to cycle to the one I wanted which makes it a bit frustrating.

The music and art are great! The random rules spice things up a lot in each playthrough and with even more rules this could become a really good game.

Heey first game I saw in this jam using React! Even though the antibody placing doesn't seem to work, it's an nice game.

Gameplay is very hard, and kind of frustrating. But the overall looks and sounds are very well made!

Good thing I don't even know the default moveset of chess hahahaha! But hey good work with the game,  I hope you have learned a lot in this jam.

The main mechanic goes very well with your level design choices! It adds replayability and improvisation in a simple but effective way.

The Celeste-esque movement makes it fun to reach the plataforms, and the concept is interesting. Maybe with some more features or different obstacles this could be really something!

Good game! The core idea has a lot of potencial for a fun educational game. Keep up the good work!

liked it really I