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Andreas Express

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Yay, that's awesome! I like how you took the time to check them all, thanks for that and 'wish you all the best! :D

It was awesome. It might need some Check Points, I quit after being killed by the tentacle guy that smashes stuff because I didn't want to play the whole thing over again just to have another shot at learning how he fights. It was great though, it's definitely worth continuing.

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Great! The explosive green flowers are probably the most interesting mechanic, but all the combat feels nice too. One tiny technical change that would be great to make is to stop the score timer while a new level is being generated.

Thank yooouuu!!! :D 

yay, thanks a lot! :)

Actually it's ok, I checked the discord chat and fixing lethal bugs after the deadline is allowed. The power shaft part works now ;)

Dude, it should have worked, I'm sorry for that :( I'll try testing it again and update it after the jam voting ends.

Thanks a lot! Yeah, that was because the sidebar gets printed at the beginning of each page (when the values are still what they were), so it only updates when you change the page again. But I know some solutions for that now, so it's great learning experience. :)


Thank yu!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks bro! Or should I say "Multumesc"? :D

It's good, but it lacks in the communication area. The controls should have been put somewhere in the game, because at first I didn't look at the screenshots here and had to button-mash to find out how to dive. Same thing with moving to another level, I only managed to get to the second level my moving randomly off the map. 

On the other hand I liked the start screen and the 3D models were well done. The concept of the game design was accurately planned, so I gave you 5 stars in 'theme'. I'm sorry that you guys didn't get to polishing the user experience, but it's a nice submission overall... :)

Thanks! I'll have a look at yours right now.  :)

Thanks! I believe it makes the player more responsible of their own time, and also takes away the frustration...  I'm not sure if it's as challenging as a classic rhythm game, but for the context of the jam it worked well. :)


Thank you! 

Haha thanks! ;)

Thank you! I've got several mechanic ideas that would work well on a bigger playfield, so I can definitely work on that.  :) And of course thanks for the awesome jam.

Awesome! I really dig the low-poly style, the skeleton roar animation was epic, and I enjoyed the fact that I could see my feet! :D The combat was a little vague because right before killing skeletons  I also passed through them and got a bit of damage, but the fights were nice nevertheless. Also, I think I befriended the slime. Or just got it stuck in a wall, but that made it feel like a special character. Great job and I wish you the best on expanding it :)

Thank you very much! I tried prototyping with immovable squares, and on the 3x3 room they were a bit too limiting... But on a bigger one it would definitely have been cool. :) 

Thank you! :D

Thanks bro, I'm glad you liked it! :) And yeah, I enjoy using Construct because it saves me from a lot of the technical stuff and I can focus on the design itself... :D Thanks again and take care!

Aww... :) And you're right about the design perspective, I could have focused better on "fusing" it together... Thank you so much for the review!

Thanks! :)