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Andreas Express

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Thank you! 

Haha thanks! ;)

Thank you! I've got several mechanic ideas that would work well on a bigger playfield, so I can definitely work on that.  :) And of course thanks for the awesome jam.

Awesome! I really dig the low-poly style, the skeleton roar animation was epic, and I enjoyed the fact that I could see my feet! :D The combat was a little vague because right before killing skeletons  I also passed through them and got a bit of damage, but the fights were nice nevertheless. Also, I think I befriended the slime. Or just got it stuck in a wall, but that made it feel like a special character. Great job and I wish you the best on expanding it :)

Thank you very much! I tried prototyping with immovable squares, and on the 3x3 room they were a bit too limiting... But on a bigger one it would definitely have been cool. :) 

Thank you! :D

Thanks bro, I'm glad you liked it! :) And yeah, I enjoy using Construct because it saves me from a lot of the technical stuff and I can focus on the design itself... :D Thanks again and take care!

Aww... :) And you're right about the design perspective, I could have focused better on "fusing" it together... Thank you so much for the review!

Thanks! :)