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Valeeeu Bruno! Ficamos muito felizes que você gostou <3

😮 now that you mention it… maybe she is used to her cub going missing? xD

tbh, I didn’t notice that mood conflict until now. Thanks for pointing that out! Also I liked your suggestion :)

Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback! 🧡

Que bom que curtiu 🧡

Também adorei o resultado da troca de cores! raychof mandou bem demais nisso! hahah

Valeuzão por jogar e pelo retorno! :3

Over here we like to say: good games have no fall damage! hahaha. It’s just so good jump high to fall on your feet, isn’t it?

We’re really happy that you liked it that much! Thanks so much for playing and the feedback!

Hey there! Sorry to hear that. But actually, this is really weird. This game is set for html5 only, so it’s quite strange it’s downloadable at itch app (just tested it now).

Well you can play it normally in the browser (I hope)! Give it a test :)

You’ve got some nice aesthetics, puzzles and potential here! It was short but very enjoyable!

Congrats on your game! (awaiting the final showdown between the girl and the sorcerer)

And I love you. Thanks for playing!

We are actually already planning on expanding the game with these aspects! NPCs, some nice challenges like puzzles and be even more rewarding with exploration! We wanted this game to be a nice walk around cerrado, and we are having fun with that! Rivers and fires crossed our minds before too! We are in sync hahaha

It’s so nice to hear that you like it so much! Keep in touch as we will likely update Guará 200 in the near future :)

Thank you so much for playing and the lovely feedback! 🧡

I managed to get only the cheapest upgrade haha

I was thinking, maybe if the camera was a little farther away, it’d be easier to react, since the ship’s movement is fast. I would frequently die as soon as a projectile or wyrm shows up in my screen.

But maybe my reflexes are not so good xD

That’s so great to hear! Thanks for playing and the feedback 🧡

So glad you like it! Thanks for playing :D

Tough! Really tough D:

Really fun controls and graphics. Wish I could stay alive longer to enjoy them. Gave up after losing a bunch of pilots. Poor souls!

Congrats on your game! (if you make changes and the game gets easier, please tell me!)

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Cute platformer!

I’m glad the cat has 9 lives! Used them all once to beat a level.


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hackear caixa de papelão: yes

hackear soldados inimigos, controlar a mente e fazer eles se matarem: yes

hackear câmera de segurança: não dá


sério, me diverti bastante jogando! mandou bem! :D

This is really great and carefully made!

The rock-paper-scissors combat really eases the potential complexity and makes it really enjoyable.

Amazing job, congrats!

Did I enter a time traveling machine? Cause this game sent me back!

Trully 5⭐ Gameboy-ness!

Awesome entry. Congrats!

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :D

Who doesn’t love space and destroying space asteroids?

Congrats on your entry!

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Got hooked 🎣 5⭐

Them colors, graphics and lighting are all sooo great! Loved it!

You rolled a D6 with this game and got a 20.

Simply perfect! Loved it!

This is so beautiful and stylish!

Fell in love with the running and spinning animations. The game is already super fun and still has a lot of potential.

Every now and then I would get confused about the path forward. Also, I felt like the SFX was not mixing up very nicely with the music. So there’s room for improvement there I think :)

Awesome game, congrats!

It’s not very much Gameboy but it’s very much fun!

It has a nice Fall Guys touch to it and kept me playing until the end.


The gameplay and combat are so polished and fun! Got me hooked 🎣

The level of art, animations and polish is out of this world!

It’s crazy to see a game like this in just a week. But in that regard, it was rather tough to understand what’s going every now and then. I was playing solo, btw.

Marvelous entry, congrats!

Charming and cute! Kept playing for longer that I expected. The pacing is really good and kept me hooked for a long while.

Sadly I got stuck somewhere in the middle and didn’t know where to go anymore. There was an argument between the parents.

Anyway, really nice entry!

A complete and satisfying cute game! Loved the graphics, levels and the boss was just on point for fun! Congrats!

Ahahah valeeeu! Os artistas da equipe vão ficar felizões ao ler isso 🧡

Em relação ao desafio do jogo, a gente acabou indo na pegada de walking simulators. Algo mais contemplativo e de exploração sabe? Mas falando de Rei Leão, a gente tinha e tem a vontade de incluir um “latido” no jogo pra adicionar mais uma camada de interação, e latir pra interagir com outros animais e tals. Coisas que não deram tempo hahaha.

Obrigado por jogar e pelo retorno!

Fala mano! Pra começar, parabéns pelo seu jogo!

Quem não gosta derrotar coisas absurdamente maiores que você mesmo, né?

Curti bastante a temática e as mecânicas. Porém achei um pouco difícil. Acho que um cenário com menos espinhos, mais locais pra se prender nas paredes ajudaria bastante! Também demorei a entender onde o titã era vulnerável, apesar que quando me acostumei, vi ‘claramente’ que era no peito dele.

Afinal, mandou bem! Parabéns! #JOGOSBRASILEIROS

De fato o “O Rei Leão” foi uma referência nossa pra esse jogo. Então deve ser por isso que te lembrou hahaha.

Inclusive, essa frutinha se chama fruta-de-lobo!

Obrigado por jogar e pelo retorno! Valeeeeu 😍

Ooooh look at those lights and shadows!

Really enjoyed your arcade-torch-running-curse-saving-from-ghosts game!

As others already mentioned, it’s pretty difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite interesting to play! Had to make new sinapses to play this one.

Great entry!

Isso é… ouro! 🤜🍇

I know the feeling and I hope you have some pizza anytime now!

I see! I couldn’t notice that aspect of waiting.

I managed to rush at some moments by walking fast in total whiteness, just by remembering the landscape xD

Thanks for the info, and congrats!

This is really well made! And beautiful too.

I think the gameplay itself is not strong with the theme, tho.

Overall very nice visuals and polish, so great job!

Now this was unexpected! So you used the theme as a pun? haha

It’s a really cool puzzle game, in the end. And so many levels, wow! You nailed it!

I’m starting to like exploration games more now than before, but I think it’s just frustrating to be forced to stop explorating, gameplay wise I mean.

But I like the message you send with this! And also, very nice visuals! Is it all post-processing? I’m curious :)

Oh so many levels!

Fun gameplay, nice visuals and great audio! And also I loved how you went deep with the simple spotlight and stealth mechanic. The little eye above you is a caring addition!

This is a gem in the jam.

I really like the concept! There’s lot of potential for it.

But some things made the gameplay too harsh:

  • not knowing when you’re about to change ruins the potential strategy
  • the generated levels are sometimes impossible to win

Those two things made the game be all about luck. Improving on them would lead to a much nicer gameplay :)

Congrats for your entry! Made me wanna do something like it!