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Simply loved it. Genius idea, fits the theme perfectly and what a level design!

Congratulations for this gem!

As others mentioned, the game really gets unfair after a kinda very short time (or am I bad at it?) The concept it really good, but I felt like I needed more tools to obey the strict rule of shooting only one target amidst a bunch of others. Dunno, something like a faster way of re-positioning, or maybe and attack that separates them so we can get a clearer shot?

This really has potential! Oh and neat sound design! Great job :)

I wish that too! So many plans that never made it into the game. If we could've done at least another bullet pattern (and form) and add some kind of shield-block-like to the player, I believe it would be way more engaging and fun to play.

Thanks for the feedback!

This is a simple concept that has great power!

And also seems to require a great deal of smart level design so it won't become a hassle to keep going back and forth to get all itens to be able to progress. That's the main issue I see with this game. Also I found a bug where, after quitting and re-opening the game, I pressed 'R' to restart and re-spawned way later in the level, and without any itens, so completely stuck. That was weird haha.

Feels good to play and is intuitive. Liked the music and simple sfxs as well. So nice job!

Now that's original! Great use of theme as well. And loved the sound design, very well done.

Really makes you think before shooting, just to eventually give up and shoot a lot and dance with your own little caos. So much fun!

Found another gem in the jam!

Congratulation with this awesome, innovative and super polished game! Loved it!

(still have to play with a friend)

I can only think "I'm not the only one" while playing this game.

As others said, it's lacking polish, but I liked the ideia. Fighting doppelgangers is always a challenge that requires extra strategy.

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Well, this... is just perfect.

The bullet mechanic is really good and tricky at the same time. Tried keeping the power at MAX but some situations forced me to recall de bullet completely. It's challenging but not frustrating.

Also congratulations on the sound design, art, juice and overall game feel. Those are 10/10!

Overall: approach on spot with the theme, masterfully executed and simply fun. 

What a joy it is to pierce through multiple zombies, am I right?

Great game!

That must be the cutest main character I've seen!

The idea and execution of this game are great. Really works well and feels natural to move and peek the scenery.

Collecting 2 keys just to step on a spike and restart was maybe a little too frustrating, as it would take me too long to find them. Also the ghosts never really became an issue for me. Was expecting some more danger from them.

Overall, the game is awesome and leaves me thinking on how good it would be with some general improvements. Great job!

Is that so? We tried stop the full circle tactic from working. We meant to create more patterns for the bullet so it would force the player whole new evasion tactics, but alas 48h goes by very fast.

Thanks a lot!

It's a short challenge game. You have to endure 70s before something new happens :D

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Great and challenging puzzles! Also loved this interpretation of the theme.

Awesome atmosphere, sounds effects, lighting and mechanic. Excellent execution!

I got really tense playing it. And my memory thanks you for the extra training :)

That's what I call creative!

Awesome idea, it's totally coherent to the theme and great execution!

This is a weak spot for me. When your actions compose or joins the music it's just beautiful.

Really well polished minimalist arcade game. Congrats!

Great atmosphere. You guys really nailed the art, lighting and music. Didn't know it was possible to do that much in just 48 hours!


Yes, I agree with you on the difficulty. We really ran with the thought "how would a bullet hell work with only one bullet?" that lead to "how can one bullet be as terrifying as thousands of bullets?" And the answer we found is: make it hellish.

We did beat the game once before uploading it, so we knew it was possible (Mario Maker approves this line of thought?) But I believe some balancing is in order. The time limit did not help with this fine tuning.

And I'm so glad you liked our game!

Thanks a ton for this thoughtful feedback!

Loved the aesthetics and art! Very well executed puzzle game.

Great job!

First level: oh this game is super easy
Eight level: damn it, matt

This is a true gem. So unique and fun! For sure one of the best I'll see around here.

Gotta love all this masterfully applied juice and smooth animations. You rocked, man!

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Now that's a fun and inventive way to use the theme! Nice job :D

Oh, the TAB really helps! Indeed it removes the dizzy factor for me. Good one haha

Totally understand the time rush. I myself am carving to update my game with more fixes!

Thanks for the quick reply and again, nice job!

We really tried to make one bullet worth the thousands of a bullet hell. So great it worked somehow :D

Thanks a lot!

Great use of a single bullet! Feels great to brutally smash the poor treasure guardian.

For the gameplay I would recommend making it easier to direct the bullet. I found it a little frustrating to control it. Maybe letting the central point of the aiming be wherever the player clicks the mouse would make it more satisfying. Also, for some reason the game got really laggy for me starting on level 3. Could't get past those spikes because of this.

Overall great job! :D

"I'm gonna get you from behind, mob" ... *shoots flaming arrow on self and dies*

Loved how fluid is the planet rotation and movements. But even so I got a little dizzy with it. Trying to aim, shoot, dodge while everything spins can render a uncomfortable gameplay.  Not sure how I would minimize this, so I'll leave it for you :)

Some improvements in the music, sfx and general game feel would make this a really great product. Congrats!

I know a good puzzle game when I see one!

Amazing idea, design and execution. Very well fit to the theme and original. It's really hard to understand how the puzzle will unfold but that must be the intention, right? Also loved the tutorial and messages. Very heart-warming :)


I liked the concept! Really makes you think and create a strategy. I think it is maybe too cluttered, though. Most times I didn't have enough time to think, and was already cornered.

Missed some extra SFX, but overall great job and take on theme!

A huge fire spiting dragon? Pff, easy. Little tiny robots? Oh no.

I really liked it! Great and original take on the theme. The weapon designs were on-spot, making the gameplay fun and varied. Also great and simple juice made them really convincing.

And this is an awesome job for a first time! Congrats.

We liked our approach to the theme as well. And your words are reassuring!

Thank you!


Yes! I wanted to make it clear there was a ending to the game :)

Does it make you "howl with frustration"? XD

Thanks a lot! I'll leave you a rating as well :)

Thank you so much :'D

Great and innovative! Loved the concept and fits the Jam really well. Nice job!

This is just amazing. Concept, execution and design. All top notch!

The only thing that bugged me was the screen size. I had to scroll down to insert the floppys and then scroll up to see the "game" area. But maybe I was just noob and didn't realize how to set up the game over here. Anyway, take this idea [ahead], man!

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This is a total "jem". Great idea, realization and all polished. Not to mention the awesome level design. Great theme adherence as well. Loved it!

Cool idea and nice realization also. Feels rewarding to actually move forward. But it's quite hard to understand the game at first and that can be frustrating. A smoother start is in order :)

Just double checked and "crashing" is not exactly right. An error occurs sometime after I restart the game, causing the fullscreen mode to switch off and getting me killed haha

Awesome ideia, concept and realization. Congrats!

Nice idea, but it feels weird to play, as if the enemies aren't moving naturally. Also the game seems to be crashing after a while.

Good stuff! It was a really fun experience. What was that binary code at the end again?