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I really like the game. The graphics, the music, the background noices, everything is kind of calming. I love the atmosphere! Thank you for creating this great game :)

I am a little bit late but I really enjoyed the game :-) Thank you for making this!

Or you could bring all four cubes with you!

You should have the two blocks with you, you have to put them on the buttons. The last one remaining is where you should stand on, then "Pause" the game and go through the door. Happy playing! :)

I too choose the same hands. But I think this scene never changes. I thought about what the gift could be other than a part of the hands, but maybe it is exactly that, and only people who choose to listen to this option know the gift.  

I just really want to hear the thoughts of others :) Thank you for sharing what you were/are thinking about!

First I want to say: There are no screamers or Jumpers, so you all are save :)    Second: This is one of the best games ever, i love the whole idea and when I choose my answers I always tought: To which one do i relate most?                     SPOILER:

The third thing i want to say or rather ask is to every Player: What do you think they gifted us in the end?

okay~ thank you :

Hey! I just played the demo and the game is amazing! I love everything about it, the artstyle, the music and the storyline. Thank you for creating this. 

I just wanted to say, maybe put more saving Slots in the finished product? Because *I* love to save many special moments :)

I am waiting for more~

Hello, I am about to play this game and i wanted to ask, if the "species" you choose, is going to change anything in the Story? I am sorry if this has been answered already!