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I'm using this tutorial as reference: [X] 

thank you!

Room you start in (art concept)

Hello, I'm Anais and I'm hoping to make a decent demo by the end of this jam! 

Echo's Chamber (working title) is a point-and-click visual novel about an entity introduced as Echo. Echo has been stuck in their own room for sometime, having been locked in by the others as they don't like Echo very much.

Echo's Chamber is directly derived from a game I was making for the last summer MFGH, but unfortunately family events got in the way :( I'm also starting out a little late due to timezones and more family events, but since I have a clearer concept in this game, I'm confident I can finish a decent demo by the deadline :)


MusicAudiosauna and Musescore
ArtFirealpaca and Medibang Paint Pro


  • 1 and a half chapter completed (around 20-45 mins of gameplay)
  • 3 themes composed (first room, second room, theme song/menu)
  • First minigame implemented

Some sprites I've worked on so far (all placeholders)

Update 20/7/16

What's done [x] [x]
  • New text box
  • Finished Fariha's sprite set
  • Tweaked background
Work in progress
  • The script
  • Sprite sets for the other two main charas
  • Sprites for minor charas (might not be included)
  • The music
Video [x]

Update|Day 3

I couldn't get the text box to work like how I wanted it to so I decided to make a simpler one instead [x]

Next on the to-do-list:

  • Draw Fariha's sprite set
  • Design and Code the main menu (or maybe just draw the bg and leave the theme in default)
  • Plan events and endings

Currently, I'm trying to code the textbox. I have the sprites for the protag and one background drawn.

background and text box Protag's sprites (links cause I don't know how to insert pics, haha)

(Title of the game is going change)

Rayaan always waits for the bus after school. There's often not a lot of people there as no one freqents the bus; save for four kids including Rayaan himself.

The game takes place in the last month of school, and the goal is to force Rayaan to talk to the three kids who he always meet at the bus stop.

This will be a visual novel game made in Ren'py. All assets (sprites, textbox, backgrounds) are drawn by me.