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Hey there its me again.

Spoilers ahead

hey there so the thing is i believe i finished the build 4.5 because their are no master key doors and i cant get to Nasha nor Ivan. so when is the ext build. and one other thing when you open the map and look on the 3rd floor their is a baldish guy next to the phone, who is he and why is he not there? Just want to say that the game is bomb, i love everything about it the plot twists and others, there is a big difference in the builds and i think its for the better. Keep up the good work and remember to have fun and not to stress out, we are here to support you.

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Hey there how's the new build going, i was checking in too find out if you have fixed the map92 problem i had before.

oh and one more question...spoiler warning

i don't know how to get to ivan on the 4 floor as the robots are blocking my way, i also can't seem to find nasha anywhere. Oh and one more thing when you walk threw the baby door the game goes into credits, i thought you would fix it in 4.0 but its still there. Thats all, love your work.

It's fine don'r pressure yourself, i can wait till the next build. 

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I play the windows version (4.0), do you think you can fix the glitch somewhat within the week or 2

i really like Jacob's story can't wait to continue it

P.S. love your work

Oh okay, can't wait to see what happens at the end. how long will i have to wait for?

Hey I found a glitch or maybe its meant to be like this, after i visit the room in the basement it says that i'm missing the map92 file, i checked the insides of the game only to find it missing with the map91 file, not sure if its meant to be like this. i really want to see it so i can continue to play. also when you talk to todo it says add dialogue to the bookcases, is it one of your reminders? i really want to play the rest of the game, also i can't find Nasha anywhere where is she?

I love the game so much, i finished 3.4 and i can't wait for the full release. when is it coming out by the way. and how much will it cost

Yeah this happened to me too, i'm really confused. If anyone know how to fix this problem please reply. I don't want to loose my progress. I only have problem with the cat dispenser and the category.