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I feel like overall it was well done. the speed is well done, but honestly lacking in terms of replayability, as its the same speed and no change in view for the entire game until death. That does not; however, mean I felt it was poor quality. The good greatly outweighs the poor within the project, especially since the time given was short and this is what became of said alotted time. Well done, and keep it up!

I thought the graphics were well done and couldve been the best in my mind should the character have also been a more 3-Dimensional representation, but given the starting skill and alotted time of this event, i feel it was well done and best done in the art and design department. keep it up!

Mainly what the other comments mention, some key aspects are flawed, but I do believe given more time it couldve been refined to something much better. I hope this does not ruin your vision of game creation, as I think, given your perseverance, can do much more to your abilities.

I like the idea behind this game and the concept is relatively clear of what you are trying to accomplish.

The controls were stiff (in a good way considering its style of controls) and they were very responsive given its time inducing strategy. i enjoy the underlying concept and i think its well done with the theme.

I was honestly unsure of the point of this game, but I do believe given more time and planning, it couldve turned into something more interesting. Keep it up, give it another go, and I would be eager to see what could be created next.

I feel the tie in to the theme was lacking, as i did not understand very well what you meant by time (other than perhaps the timing of the beam, but it took some thought to decide that); however, the gameplay itself was well done and quite flawless given the time played. the movements were slick, but expected in a space-like game such as this, so you did it right.

overall, i was impressed how you managed to sync the different steps and actions throughout the whole piece. it essentially felt like a Dance Dance game but managed to provide quite quick reaction to triggers from the different possible actions. I would have liked to see more actions, but overall, due to the time alotted, it is very nicely done!