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I'm using phaser.js which is pretty big that's why. Only 2 js files are running. I added IA vs this morning so you'll be able to play it ! Also the error with was pretty strange I don't remember it. I'll try later in a few build to see if it is fixed. Thanks a lot for support !

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well I'm using phaser.js but I made the ai this morning now you can play with it :) Enjoy !

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ok well I'll try to implement this in the next version just for you xD also you can win by shooting 10 hearts, for now it is a bit laggy at the end (the end menu don't displays and the game restart) but you can actually train singleplayer ! Anyway a better ai than just a falling heart would be cool

I'm a 16 years old french game dev and today I release my 2nd game. This is a free web game downloadable on or directly playable on github/pages. This is a 2d shooter game including 2players vs on local multiplayer. Thers are some original gameplay mechanics which, as for me, turn it into a demanding 2d shooter despite its minimalist level design. The game run good, sadly, only on firefox and you should definitely check page for more informations/screenshot etc...
Feedback is highly appreciated :)