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Amin Nausin

A member registered Aug 10, 2017

Recent community posts

Dont know, alot of the time Z does nothing 

its fun but there are many holes in the world it seems. Falling inside rocks isnt fun

reminds me of something ;

I like it, but gameplay is a bit tedious. 

Its buggy. I got stuck out of the play area. 

Controls are so hard to use. 

The download is broken. The dll is missing. 

Its very unforgiving that's for sure. Hard to see anything. The visuals are so intense and all over the place that it took me a bit to see what I was supposed to do. 

how do you play? And why does it seem to bug out once u die? A lot of confusion here. 

How do you play if You spawn in front of the enemy? You die right away and have to alt-F4 to get out. Nice New Unity Project 3 tho 

The game is cool but I never get any clock research after 2mhz, which really hurts you end game, meaning the last socket will never turn a profit.