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Damn, we already have a jam-winning game here!

Don't worry, there's not much to get and it's not really a game.  Just a really quickly-created thought I had related to the jam theme at the time. Thanks for checking it out though!

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I can't promise that I have any time to fix this any time soon, but I will try to keep it in mind & let you know if I manage to push an update.


Here's a hint: try looking at the little pictures and see which ones look like sweet ingredients 🍯🍓🥛🥃

Haven't gotten the time to play yet, but so nice to see Canto culture in games :) Thank you for making this!

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Ahh, I see, thanks. I can start the game now, and move the birds into the statue's eye. But on the next screen,  I can only move halfway across the screen, then the "I can go no further" dialog comes up and I can't seem to do anything else at that point. Maybe I should just dig out my old GBA and just play it on there 😂

EDIT: Okay, looks like Z advances the dialog. Yeah, it'd be helpful if you put all the keyboard controls in the description for anyone playing in-browser.

Am I missing something or is the game just not working in my browser? After the splash screen, I just see the main screen with the 3 birds and the statue. All I hear is static, only the sun is moving, I don't see any water dripping from the eye and no matter where I click in/around the eyes nothing happens. 

Yeah, I know it's probably a bit uncomfortable to play from the role of the police, but within the context of present-day Hong Kong, these riots are something the current administration and police force would like to forget about, being as they're all 'on the same side' today—even going so far as to give awards to leftist leaders at the time and muddle the issue of what actually happened on the police's website. So I would hope that this could be used as an educational tool so people don't forget what really happened

Very nice game, thank you for making this and bringing light to the sad backstory. I hope she would approve. Very cute pixel graphics :) Just noticed one thing playing the first level in the browser, the time ran out but the game kept going.

I like the concept! I think some minimal sounds could help with the atmosphere, and maybe some kind of CRT filter overtop of everything to give it a bit of texture. Also agree with the other comments that changing the colour when a process goes into different states would be helpful

The game froze up Chrome for me when trying to play in-browser, not sure why

Great game, simple graphics that look beautiful with the chromatic aberration! Not easy to just pick up, but the physics feel good and it's rewarding when you do make it through a level. Works well with a keyboard as well.

Thanks for the feedback, I'm definitely gonna keep working on it, hopefully have it in a relatively stable state by the end of the month!

Thanks for playing the game & leaving feedback! I'll definitely keep working on it and try to improve that minigame

Thanks for taking the time to play & leave  feedback! I'll definitely work on making the clear the streets  more intuitive or show better how to play

Cute little game :) The comments really make it

Thanks for checking it out, I definitely plan to extend it and build out the other minigames. Spot-on with needing some info before the game starts, just been working on getting those in.

Thanks for checking it out, the build uploaded here is definitely not in a playable state yet, but I'm still working on it. The clear the streets needed tweaking of the scoring so if you use live ammo too much you get the 'bad' result and a longer time limit so the bars actually have a chance to get to the ends, as well as a cooldown for the baton rounds so you can't just spam that.  And for the bombing, I just didn't have the time to draw the different objects (finished them up below), and the timing also needed to be tweaked so that you can't just defuse every one and still win.

Nice gameplay & pixel art! The walk cycle animations were a bit funky for some of the characters—not easy, I know—and they occasionally did get stuck on one another, but overall it played well

Thanks for the feedback, I'm definitely much more of a designer than a developer—the code took way longer than the art! I'll let you know when it's in a more complete state

Thanks! I'm still working on it, looking forward to finishing it up!

Sidescrollers not usually my jam, but the 'lost arcade game' is a fun idea for a framing device :) And nice patriotic chiptune of course

Thanks for checking it out! Yeah, I'm not much of a developer, so it was probably a bit ambitious, but I'll keep working on it. The rounds definitely are too short, my bad, shoulda updated that before uploading the final build.

Neat little game! I love the concept and the art style :)

Nice game! I haven't really played something with this kind of art style before, and the little walking animations are very nice :)

Perhaps a bit too ambitious for the jam period. "Clear the streets" is the most complete game. "Defuse the bombs" is a bit laggy, isn't updating the scoring right, and is missing most of the bomb graphics, so a bit unfun to play. The other 2 games I haven't made yet. Also, the timings and speed probably aren't balanced properly either. Oh well! Hope to keep working on it (and eventually add sound, too!) 

Thanks! Glad it still works after 3 years haha

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Amazing game, super easy to empathise and get invested in the story just with the style of writing! And the difficulty level felt just right, never too difficult, but always a challenge in the later levels, makes the emotional payoff feel just right.

Also, anyone looking for a soundtrack to have on in the background while playing, I recommend listening to The Algorithm, really enhanced it imho 𝆕𝆕𝆕


Thanks, I'm still trying to get better at pixel art and am always impressed with how well some people can add depth to their scenes.

Agree with the comments on the game page—gameplay feels impossibly random. Could also build out the intro sequence a bit more to give more context to the story.

4/5 need more shrek
top-notch Doritos physics

Really nice, short and sweet game! Even studying can become a fun game mechanic with the right style!

I really liked it, especially the geometric greyscale art style, quite unique! 

It's a Beautiful Day community · Created a new topic Props!

I loved this game, it was really nice to have a bit of a reminder that we don't always need to be productive all the time; every now and then, you need to take time to make sure you have a nice place to relax. And then you can find the door.

I think it's a very unique style - usually you only see drawings like this in icon work and product illustrations, so I'd love to see more of it in visual novels. And thanks for letting me know about Hourou Musako, seems like an interesting story I should check out!

I really loved this story and of course the art style too! Can I ask where you took inspiration for it - have you done other illustrations like this before?

Sweet pixel art, good job!