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I can't handle demos they tease too much. 

would you be able to link your kickstarter so we can back you?

Dont know if I commented on this one but Played it to its a fave of mine!

OMG i read your blog and found out this story is on STEAM i totally had to download it for the achivements! Ran your awesome

This one is great to Ran. Loved it.

ah this made me cry... great story Batensan!

Great game Ran. I love this one to!

Cant wait. Rooting for you!

yes i was able to figure out Vonn and Vern after i got the walkthough off your page! I love the stories so much

there is a walk though listed on the page just click walkthough

Love this story never noticed the walkthough thanks for having one Ran i was thinking you could only romance Viktor!


is there a full game at all or just a demo?