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Nice game only need a bit more polish.. Btw remember me, No Competitions this time ;P  Good game indeed

Oh I hope the admin replies soon, This jam is only related to Javascript??

I'm a new game developer and I make games using Godot so I wanted to ask if I can use it, Also it's a open source engine I don't think anyone have to pay to use it.

-Thank You

Please try to run the game using Firefox since chrome isn't supported yet...

If you still get the error than be sure to let me know...

Thanks for the feedback 

Thanks for the feedback, I realised it later how annoying it get to keep clicking...

I try and update the game with auto-fire. I didn't have enough time and also it my first time ever... Pleasure that you enjoyed it..

How did you export for web I'm new Godot dev so I can't get my game to play in web... Also check out my submission

Nice game and made with Godot gives me more inspiration to make more games

Thanks for the feedback Just noticed that bug of not restarting so I fixed it... Thanks once again

Hi is the competition over who's the winner..?? Btw nice game loved the concept and the art style... Keep doing this type of games

It this allowed I broke my own record xD (I guess it's allowed it's said in the desc. above) 

The new record is $11764, Can't believe Myself

Hi this is AmDMaster, 

And I have a submission to make, I just crushed the old record of 5632 and the new record is 

9749 for this August session competition, Contact me at  (If I won)

Here's the link of the video:

Thank you for organizing a competition...