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hi, how are you going to come to v3 public?

What a pity
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Oi,você ainda vai continuar com a demo? Porque eu não posso pagar pelo jogo. Por favor, continue com a demonstração e me responda o máximo possível.

I don't play with you and I don't even know what to do, because it gives a lot of error

are you always going to put the versions for free after putting them to the supporters?

hi how are you, when will v3.0 come out and will there be any sex scenes with Theo?

Hi how are you? I hope so, do you plan to release the game for free in the future along with the full dlcs and mini gems? MINI GAME 001: Sleeping Thomas, MINI GAME 002: Kevin, MINI GAME 005: Hey Volley among others

Do you intend to make another game in the future? Why do I one type of game in mind could be a soldier game then there would be other soldiers, it could be men and women and there would also be a choice of main characters with male and female for more players to play. like my idea.

there will be a version in portuguese because i am not fluent in english?