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Can the story start sad and pick up slightly or does it have to be 100% sad?

You have to walk to the edge of the platform and then Jump. its good for catching late jump inputs and smoothing input.

It's a Cool concept. i hope you continue this game's development. Nice job

Nice music. I like the concept and controls.

Soundtrack is great. I love the mouse control.

Graphics look very pleasing. The background music is good. there is a bug where you can fly off the screen but then again this was made in an hour. nice job!

Thx. I didn't use raycast at all. I basically changed the y position of the board with sine waves. 

I just now fixed the browser version. Let me know if it works :)

Awesome feedback! I was obsessed with making the helmet high poly/smooth but completely forgot about the high poly count. I'm still using 2.79 version because it's the one that i learned with. i did try 2.8 but  i just didn't really jive well with that version. Thanks for the tip on Mark sharp and the Edge split modifier.  :)