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Abdullah Shafqat

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How did you go about doing the maze generation?

Ohhhhh! maybe the game instructed about this switching weapon mechanic but I missed it. now back to playing I go

Ayyyy yall Triality dudes are OP.

do you guys do mentorships, would love to learn a lot :)

Lovely Game. Full releasable I would say felt really good while platforming

combat can be polished a bit.

But damn oh damn the visual!!!!! extraodrinary.

p.s. i dunno if a bug or a feature but on god boss mode I spawned in with no gun :( can't fight that demon, let me know what to do here I want to play through the whole game

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Really cool experience.

Bug Report - When the Clothes Closet vanished there was no wall behind it and I walked over and fell down into an infinite abyss

nice game

Honest feedback is always welcome thank you

already did my man

So here are my thoughts.

Firstly really great effort for such a short time taking up such a game is pretty ambitious task and you handled it well. The UI worked fine and setting up the UI alone would have taken up quite some time. The block placing was mostly fine as well.

First issue is with screenshake it make it impossible to place multiple units at same time as screen would shake and you would misplace(there is screenshake even if no block is placed.. try clicking in water). Tone it down a bit. The time watching the storm felt really slow. it was also hard to get a grasp of initially. 

and did i mention that the camera controls were good.

the devlog is insightful though. good job overall

Great Devlog, really shows how much effort you put into this. 

A little hard to grasp and play though

Good Game

Some feedback would be to increase the viewport size a bit and change up the spawning mechanism there were times at which my whole screen got filled with bateria

The art was really polished and gameplay loop was fun.

Only thing that bugged me was rotating using mouse scroll wheel it caused the browser window to also scroll causing me to constantly scroll the page back up. Maybe use arrow keys for rotating.


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Thanks for the feedback.

I actually just realized that you the dev behind "Fragile Goods" I played that game it was super fun.

Looking forward to playing this new game of yours

You have raised good points, I had all of these in mind as well.

The pink squares are remnants of what was initially the enhance items during prototyping. I removed their material and forgot to remove them. Hence the Unity missing material pink.


In your devlog you mention trying to create an atmospheric game, well good job on that. 

I like how the little consoles show the current color of the wall so that even if wall if out of view you can know.

Also the splitter mechanic introduces good gameplay.

The camera controller could be a teensy bit better tho as it was nauseating at times, as well as the box grabbing mechanic it sometimes didn't register and had to go and grab box again. 

p.s. In your devlog you talk about mesh colliders, they should generally never be used in games as they are too performance intensive, most gameobjects can be approximated using a set of primitive colliders.  Like in FPS shooter games the player hit box is not a mesh collider rather a set of mostly capsule colliders fit into each body part.

Now this here looks really polished. Good Work!

One thing that can be updated maybe is that the Player at times is too overpowered, balancing needs to be tempered with a bit. other than that cool UI


This game could do well with more feedback with what is happening. Also I didn't understand the currency and it went in negative and I was still able to buy stuff!


could you tell how to jump, after buying the jump upgrade?

p.s. insightful devlog :)

game world was setup nice and went good with the music of it all. I guess I can see how the player is becoming enhanced but it felt at times just like getting a key to get through a level.

anyways solid entry!

go upto chests from front side press space to open

buy bombs 2 for 20 coins

place em 

this is the basic game loop

was hard to figure out for me as well, because there were no instructions on game page and neither in game until you get 20 coin

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

And yes you are right I accidently removed the top collider that stopped player from wall climbing to the end point. Good Catch!

Great Asset!

used it here:

Thank you

Thank you I set em up, but these lovely animations are freely available on itch by

go check him out

Any chance for the deadline being extended? Cause I had exams before just started out really close but not close enough :(

Hey! I would love to collab.

If you are still interested drop me a mail @

Hey Morgan!

I gave your soundcloud a listen, and I love your work and would be more than happy to have join up with you for this jam.

If interested pls reply at this email:

you can have a look at the games i have made in previous game jams, if you like what you see i need an artist mail me at

thank you


dude i just came on the game jam page randomly and played your game.

its hella funny rick swiggins gives me the diary of a wimpy kid vibes.

great game

cool game

another cool thing is what you used to create this game rust

missing music and animations in the top-down mode seems like the player just gliding through

great game the UI including the ingame around the planets rings UI was pretty cool.

solid entry to this jam

cool game love the aesthetic i played before with mouse controls wasn't able to get the feel of it so left the rating but with the keyboard controls the game is so much better immediately

good work



really well used post process effects the old school programming mood was certainly set