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The introduction doesn't stop it from being good. Great work! I'll be happy to support it in the future.

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Art is fantastic here. Good looking interesting characters and designs, good backgrounds and even some 'camera work' (frequent little animations). Story felt extremely rushed (and silly) at the very beginning but slowed down after a few minutes and got considerably more detailed. I wish there was more to the story at the start besides an excuse to shove the main character in the facility (maybe just a more extended introduction). I kinda have a bit of a cold foot in terms of the story,  it's hard to say at this point but I always felt motivated to go through the content because the characters are nice (there are many sprites for several expressions which makes them very likable and dynamic). In general it's better than 95% of VNs out there for sure.

I checked out my task manager and as far as I can see I have no Itch process running, unless it has nothing in it's name or description for me to see it as an Itch process.

I recently supported an Itch game on Patreon but I cannot access it since my app doesn't work. I get the following error message:

There was a problem during setup: Could not validate version 15.17.0 of butler

I already looked it up and it seems to be anti-virus related. I only use Windows Defender and I have already added the Itch and Butler folders to the exceptions. I tried reinstalling multiple times and it did not work. These are the details:

What can I do to solve this? Can I just download the dependency and shove it inside the butler folder? I should have installed everything before buying the game...