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Whoa, looks amazing and it's for GBA! What is that CFA Engine? Best wishes, keep the amazing work!

Thanks for the words! I'm really excited to continue this project - I decided to wait until the Jam ended to keep uploading new versions of the game. I'm still a little bummed about losing the original, but the show must go on! Again, thanks for the feedback and I hope that you like / try the future versions.

I loved the narrative tone of the game as well as the mood table. A great submission and would love to see more of this material in the future.

I really liked the hack, plus really cool the use of 1d8. Waiting for the version with a nicer format!

Strong emotions, physical reactions summarizes this. A game that guarantees a beautiful opportunity to challenge yourself.

It's a great system that subtly mixes the game with real life. I admit I didn't understand the rules at first, but the examples were enough to get me into the idea. I must emphasize, it's a great system and a beautiful game - I love it when we use game mechanics to represent one of the biggest values of entertaining: gathering people and bonding.